Confessions of a Fauf

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Move, Move, Move Right Into My Life

This weekend The Move happened. Michael moved into "our" new home, affectionately called "The Nest". I will officially move in on July 7 after I sign this agreement to spend the rest of my life with Michael (quite an accord). But in the meantime, I am gradually moving bits and pieces of myself into The Nest, such as my books, my winter coats, a few movies, etc. And we are gradually moving more into each others' lives. Exciting? Yes. Easy? No. Meshing the Fauf and Ig together is a lot more complicated than perhaps thought by some. It will take lots of hard work. But will be so worth it in the end. For starters, we'll learn to share a bookcase. Then we'll move on to bigger the closet.

Pray for us!

Friday, May 25, 2007

3, 2, 1!

I feel that my life is all about countdowns right now. No, I have not been hired by NASA to launch a shuttle. No, I am not keeping score and time for some intense play-off game. And no, I am not Michael Shaw who will randomly countdown until he expects the red light to change or the previews to start. Nonetheless, there are many events in my life that are in need of countdowns:

1 day until Sarah Brown comes to visit for the weekend
2 days till I can sleep in on a Monday
5 days till my soymilk expires and goes bad
7 days till we visit the Cass
7 days of school left, then summer vacation
8 days until Courtney McCutcheon comes home from China
21 days till my Bachelorette party
42 days until my wedding day
43 days till my honeymoon
many days of blissful marriage!

Monday, May 21, 2007

A is for Anonymous

So apparently there is this whole group of anonymous blog readers out there online who frequent my blog. I knew there were maybe one or two, but I had no idea there were many. It makes me a little excited, but also a little scared now...and more careful as to what confessions I make here.

S0 now I'm wondering, dear annonymous readers, the purpose behind your anonymity (the noun for what anonymous readers are). Are you a secret organization that reads peoples' blogs to try and uncover truths about them when they least expect it? Are you shy creatures who do not want to open yourselves to the blogging world? Are you smug aristocrats who think blogs are beneath you, so only read them to indulge yourselves with the commoners? Are you completely uncreative sloths who cannot fathom a comment to post? Or do you just really not care that the world knows you beyond anonymous?

Well, whoever you are, I won't hold it against you. I am glad for your readership, but would love for you to come out of the woodwork. So this is a plea to know the unknown.

Anonymous, be heard!

Friday, May 18, 2007


This week was Teacher Appreciation Week. My parents got together and decided to make my week a bridal shower week and everyday a different gift theme. I got things for my new home, my new kitchen, my new yard, for myself, and my new marriage. It was quite lovely to have parents and students express their appreciation.

I think we need to have ::blank:: Appreciation Weeks all year long to give us a chance to express our appreciation to those we love. This blog is Significants In Fauf's Life Appreciation Blog:

Michael: I appreciate who you are and how you love me
Jenn: I appreciate all the little roomie things you do that make me laugh
Parker: I appreciate the balance you bring to my charmed life by being the one person to hate me
Shaws: I appreciate you being my family here in Santa Maria
Drazins: I appreciate you supporting me from so far away
Lemony Snicket: I appreciate you writing these ridiculous books that keep my students on the edge of their seats
Disney: I appreciate you endorsing the third sequel of Pirates, for it will bring much summer fun!

Monday, May 14, 2007

Lazin' It Up

Many bloggers are into writing odes to life and odes to such in such. I am here today to write an ode to this past weekend. What a glorious weekend indeed!
Fri. Night: Some good time with the Shaw parents and their ridiculously high-definition TV. I was also introduced to this freakish animal called the Slender Loris that moves as if in slow motion, until it seizez an insect at ravenous speed.
Sat. Morn: entered the world of ALIAS season 5. I have been a Sydney Bristo fan from Season 1, and am now very excited to be finishing her adventures with her. Only danger, I view my world with spidey-sense, suspicious of everything and everyone. (Is my roomie really a double-agent? Is Michael marrying my only to fit his alias and learn some info?)
Sat. Day: quality time with the fiance in SLO, and friend Andrew. Not so quality time watching The Wind Blows the Barley with Cillian Murphy whose eyes still look like glass and whose accent was a strained Irish one.
Sat. Night: Michael and I went up and down every aisle of Blockbuster video writing down movies we want to see in our lifetime. That way when we want to rent a movie, we can just pick one from our list. Not only are we saving time, but we are also viewing all movies we want to in an organized fashion.
Sun. Morn: good times with the Lord at His house
Sun. Day: went home and took a nap, then followed Sydney on a few more missions. Then did not leave my livingroom for the rest of the day. It was quite lovely to lounge about with Michael, with Jenn, with myself all day and should I say this? Lazy, I guess. That lazy day and languishing weekend should keep me going till the end of school. Which is only ::drum roll:: 3 1/2 weeks away (including this week!)

Then vacation Fauf returns!

Friday, May 11, 2007

Don't Even Mention the Word Food

"My God, my God, why has Thou forsaken me!"

"May God smite me now!"


These are a few expressions used by those enduring a great amount of pain, tragedy, and/or despair. Perhaps an individual was enduring some measure of humiliating torture that He did not deserve. Or perhaps an individual was dying of a prolonged and painful illness. Or perhaps an individual was being consumed by ferocious leeches.

While the Fauf was not dying a Roman death, or dying from an illness, or dying from leeches, the Fauf did utter similar expressions this week as she wished to die and be alleviated from her stomach pain. Some strange virus struck the Fauf on Tue. and all week she cried in agony over this pain in her gut (although after not eating much all week, there was no gut to speak of after the fact). While she wished to be smite by God, luckily for her God knew better and did not end her life, but instead decided to end the stomach pain. And now Fauf is restored to her usual pain-free self.

In closing, beware the virus!

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Dos, Due, Two

Some of you may not really want to know this, but it is a confession of the Fauf, so that's what you're going to find here on this blog today whether you like it or not.

There, I just thought you should be informed about it. That way you can begin scheduling your life, because afterall this wedding is THE event of the year!

But being that the wedding is only 2 months away, and that Michael and I have only 2 more months to be an engaged couple (which we will never be again in any stage of our relationship), certain things are coming to my mind.

Only 2 more months of living with my fabulous roomie
Only 2 months of keeping my bathroom any way I like (hair dryer out, bobby pins all over the counter)
Only 2 months of eating boring meals
Only 2 months of going to sleep and waking up by my lonesome self
Only two months of having to say goodbye to Michael each day
Only 2 months of responding to "Miss Drazin"
Only 2 months of crazy wedding planning

Thank the Lord it's only 2 more months!

Thursday, May 03, 2007


Where is time going? That is the question at stake here. Where? Has Time deciced to run a marathon and expects everyone to run to keep up with it, even though we've had no training to run a marathon? Or is Time flying by on the spring wind? The wind is blowing everything away lately, including my students it seems, so is the wind blowing Time away too? Honestly, Time should be stronger than the wind. Or is there some diabolical being who is stealing all the Time for himself and locking it up in a storehouse where no on is able to access it or free it? How selfish of him. Doesn't this being know that there is not enough Time to go around as it is? We don't want to be fighting each other for each other's Time. But at times it seems to come to that. The reason for this blog is because I am just another victim of this Time scarcity, and I think I have a right to know where Time is going?