Confessions of a Fauf

Monday, April 23, 2007

Take This Test

This week is SAT testing for my poor 3rd graders. And I say poor because they have to endure these tests all week long. While some public school children may be quite accustomed to school testing throughout the year, our private school children are not. We believe in using class time to teach and learn...not fill in bubbles. However, we have to endure at least one week of it per year. I'm trying to lighten the mood by giving them little snacks, reading directions in a tone of enthusiasm, and assuring them that there is no pressure. (But there is a little because afterall if their test scores are average to high, then that means I've done my job this year). Or does it? Honestly some of these tests are a little random. And they always use these off-the-wall names to represent cultural diversity. Too bad I can't test them on what I think is important:

1. Captain Hook is giving you a spelling test. You didn't study and you're afraid that if you don't pass he'll make you walk the plank. You should
A. Write some answers on your hand
B. Look at the person next to you
C. Do your best

Obviously this is a question of morality between right and wrong. Don't you think this is what children should be tested on?

2. You're sailing the Jolly Roger out of the Neverland lagoon. You need to head west, but your compass is broken. You should
A. Locate the North Star and find west from there
B. Sit in port sulking over the broken compass
C. Give up sailing altogether

These types of practical and applicable science questions should be on the test

It's a huge wonder why the state has not put me in charge of writing the SAT tests. Hmmm....

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

25 or 52?

On Monday I celebrated my birthday with my roomie, my students, and my loved one. It was quite exciting to find my classroom completely decorated, and to hear "Happy Birthday" all day long. However, my students were a bit dislexic and couldn't decided if I were turning 25 or 52. I told them that it is impolite to ask a lady her age, especially when she is turning 52. They believed me for a moment. No, I turned 25, which is the lucky number of the week:

25 years I've tread upon this earth
25 students I greet every morning
25 balloons bobbed about my classroom
25 calories times 100 I ate when my great roomie made me a birthday breakfast
25 days minus a few until May 7, at which point my wedding will be 2 months away
25 Mozart classics is playing in my CD player at this moment
25 minutes till I can officially leave my classroom for the day and enjoy the evening with my dearest fiance
25 wishes I made that you are not privy to know

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Vacation Fauf

Hooray for Jesus dying on the cross!
Hooray for private schools who celebrate it!
Hooray for the vacation version of Fauf!

That's right. It's spring break, which has officially started as I type this. Granted I am still in my classroom (for it's my only internet access), but the children are gone, the classroom is clean, my lessons are planned for when I get back, and I am officially switching modes. I wrote a blog a while ago (I believe at the end of summer vacation) about the two different versions of Fauf. Vacation version emerges only a few times a year: Christmas, Spring, and Summer vacations. What are the signs to look for in the vacation version of Fauf?
1. Fauf staying up past 10:00pm on a weekday
2. Fauf wearing casual non-teachery clothes
3. Fauf doing creative things like writing, painting, etc.
4. Fauf making no references to students, classes, etc.
5. Fauf making a trip down to the homeland

WARNING: vacation Fauf can be silly, spontaneous, and have no sense of routine!