Confessions of a Fauf

Saturday, June 23, 2007


Have you ever been so excited about something that you'd be walking around and find yourself just randomly smiling? Or that you suddenly have the urge to start jumping up and down, and the more you jumped, the more excited you grew? Or that you're so not able to focus you can't even send a text message without grammatical and spelling errors?

If you never have been married, then you probably have never experienced this level of excitement that I am experiencing. I guess it makes sense, being that this is just about the most important event of my life (aside from accepting Christ). I have been excited about things before: mission trips overseas, moving to Santa Maria, midnight release of Star Wars: Episode 1, and eating Ben and Jerry's ice cream. But none of those compare to this excitement.

This excitement has me beat. I am a wreck, in a good way. And I am overwhelmed by it. I feel this is a new side of Fauf that has never been. I don't even know what to do with myself--except for smile, jump up and down, and send text messages that would earn me a D in English. Well, just two more weeks of this excitement, if my heart will stand it. If not, I'll see you at my funeral. ::gasp::

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Ten Top Reasons to Get Married

10. You get lots of new underwear (honestly, when else do you go out and buy yourself underwear? If you even wear underwear!)

9. You learn new vocabulary like tuille, officiant, recessional

8. You get to be humbled when your bridesmaids make you wear ridiculous bridal headdresses

7. You get "Congratulations" and "Good luck" from everyone, even the ladies at the bank

6. You get to make large purchases like 170 cupcakes, or 500 yards of ribbon

5. You get to carry around a fatty organizer and shock people with your detailed planning

4. You can end arguments/discussions simply by saying "Because I'm the bride...there."

3. You get enough gift cards to decorate the walls of your first home

2. You can talk about the s-e-x word without shame

1. You get to spend the rest of your life with the love of your life

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Monica and I

"Four weeks, baby, four weeks!"--Monica to Chandler before their wedding, Friends.

Everyone stop one moment and look at the calendar. Any calendar will do--a Napoleon Dynamite tear away, a lady bug day planner, an Office hanging wall calendar, an ancient Egyptian notch system, anything. Note the date today; that's right! It's June 7. Now count the weeks till the next 7th of some month (namely, July). Yes, four weeks, or one month. And what's happening on the next 7th? I'm getting married!

"I'm so happy for me!"--Monica as she comes out in her wedding dress.

So call me Monica Ghellar. I don't have a huge wedding binder organized by color, organized geographically or alphabetically. And I don't have a little small-scale model of the seating chart. And I did not tackle and pin down another bride for my wedding dress! But I am aware that my wedding is four weeks away and I have no qualms about reminding others of that. And I am brainstorming ideas of where I can wear my wedding dress again after the fact. And most importantly (and most like Monica), I am marrying my best friend.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Closing Neverland

There's a change in the wind, a change in the season, and now it's time for Neverland to be packed away. Tinker Bell is going to sleep for the summer, and she's taking her Pixie dust with her. The magic is being packed away into boxes, and stored in such lowly places as the bottom cupboard. Neverland has been reverted to a very boring and very hallow classroom. There will be no more children's laughter, no more happy thoughts, no more flying for awhile. Even Wendy won't be telling her stories.

But she'll return in Autumn and awaken the magic. Then she will take new children with her to Neverland and teach them to fly all over again...