Confessions of a Fauf

Monday, February 27, 2006


I never thought nothingness could be so beautiful. This past weekend was the first weekend in over a month that I had NO plans. It was a lovely feeling to do whatever I wanted whenever I wanted. But of course Fauf days, even ones of nothingness, always turn out somewhat full with a tinge of productivity. Here's how my day of nothingness turned out:
9:00--woke up and lay in bed thinking for 20 minutes because that's what Faufs do best
9:30--was overtaken by an impulse to clean things out and get rid of things. I sorted through my jewelry box and a bottom desk drawer that has no idea who it is or what its purpose is because I keep misc. things in it.
10:00--cleaned my bathroom
10:15--wrote a letter to a long lost pen pal in Washington. She had sent me a Xmas card.
10:30--ate Honeycomb cereal
10:45--wrote the play for 2nd graders' chapel that is in two weeks and two days (AH!)
12:00--journaled and experimented with a typed journal on my laptop. Don't like it. I'll stick to old fashioned writing with pen and parchment.
1:00--called Michael who was having a day of nothingness as well. Gosh, we're very much alike. Love it!
2:45--the reception broke off and Michael and I were disconnected--oh the trials of phone dating!
3:00--I realized I just did something I have never done (except in cases of extreme illness): I was still in my pajamas!
3:05--I moved on from the revelation and got showered and dressed
3:30--I headed to Barns and Noble where I read, journaled, and talked to Michael (it's ridiculous we have to be miles apart!)
6:45--I went to Albertson's for some Ben and Jerry's ice cream. I wanted my fave (choc peppermint cookie), but had to settle for Half-Baked (Lowie's fave)
7:15--I made stir fry
7:45--Lowie came over, we ate, and watched Elizabethtown
8:30--I had another revelation and figured out why I like Elizabethtown so much.
9:45--We watched Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants
11:45--We watched delated scenes from Mr. Mrs. Smith. The extended scene of John and Eddie's conversation is hilarious! I love xtra features
12:30--We watched fave scenes from the same movie
1:30--We realized it's ridiculous for us to be up this late, so we went to sleep!

So I guess in the end, my day of nothingness became a day of somethingness that was quite the wonderfulnest!

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Think on these things...

I love thinking. If there was one word to describe myself, I think it would be thinker. (Other people might have a different opinion. My sister thinks I'm oblivious and don't always think.) But I do love to think. And I love to think lovely thoughts. But sometimes I have thinker's block (similiar to writer's block). So when I do, I make a list of words that inspire lovely thoughts. Here are a few....

Monday, February 20, 2006

Spontaneous Moments

I have found in life that there is a time to plan and a time to be spontaneous. While planning is very important and is advised in the Bible, spontaneous moments are often the most rewarding (especially when it's God that is spontaneous!) The picture above is a glimpse of such a spontaneous moment that was very rewarding this weekend.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Valentine Delights

Valentine's day has come and gone. Many people asked me yesterday what Michael was doing for Valentine's. I told them for us it was already past because we had celebrated it over the weekend. So yesterday was reserved for my ten little second graders. Despite the hyperness in the group at the onset of the day, Valentine's turned out quite delightful. Here is a quick list of highlights:
1. At line up Arian cracked me up when she told me she had a dream in which I was very FAT!
2. Nathan gave me a Chronicles of Narnia Valentine with Alsan on it
3. Topanga gave me a little Valentine addressed to my whole family
4. We ate ice cream with all the great toppings
5. One of the toppings was sprinkles--my favorite word and topping!
6. My kids unconsciously reinacted my fave scene from Finding Neverland when they tried to fly a kite in the recess yard
7. After the ice cream party, Arian said, "Miss Drazin, you're fun...and funny!"
To say the least, this Valentine's day was filled with a good measure of magic!

Monday, February 13, 2006

Revised Calendar of the Marooned

So after a few comments from my amazing boyfriend, I have decided to revise my weekdays that I would adopt if I were stranded on a deserted island. Days that I was surprised by my boyfriend (which would be a huge surprise if I were lost on some unknown island...but then again he is amazing) would be called Fundays. And days I dreamed of Michael would be called Igdays. Although if I am honest with myself, EVERY day is Igday!

Surprised Out of My Skin

I was recently blessed with the surprise of my life thus far (except for maybe when I got my first bike at my 6th bday--that rocked my world!) I was very sad that Michael and I would not be able to see each other all month. So as I wallowed in this depressing news, which became even more depressing as Valentine's weekend drew nigh, I made plans to have a girl's night with my dear friend Courtney (repsonsible for introducing Michael and I to each other). What I didn't know was that Courtney and Michael had made a secret alliance to suprise me. They strung me along a web of lies so that when I walked out my gate Friday night, I was shocked to see Michael waiting for me instead of Courtney. Michael took me out for a lovely Valentine dinner. Then Sat. morning I woke up to the most wonderful thought: I get to spend the day with Michael today! I never thought dreams come true in real life, but this weekend proved me wrong. Thank you, Michael (and Courtney) for lying to me!

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Bump in the week

I was thinking how we come to define days not really by their names (Monday, Tuesday, etc.) but by the things we do on those days. That's the reason we get so disoriented when we're on vacation not doing our normal daily grind. This new insight just answered one of my long-pondered questions: how would I keep track of time if I were shipwrecked and stranded on a deserted island with no concept of what day it was??? I guess I would assigned certain tasks to each new day. After so many days (it wouldn't have to be seven, I could make a five day week if I wanted to), then I would label those days based on what I did. So the day that I spent my time gathering food might be labeled Numday. The days I dove for pearls might be Wetsday. They days I sun bathed might be Fryday. And the days I sat on the beach looking for passing ships would be Sat-thereday. And so on. I'm glad I've come up with a solution just in case of shipwreck.

Monday, February 06, 2006

First words...

So I feel complete now that I have a blog. I feel modern and chic and ...very confused at HOW this makes me complete. I hope no one will be disappointed at what they find here. If you came here seeking profound statements, pondering questions, soul-searching anecdotes, then I believe you came for the wrong reasons. However, if you are seeking a bit of silliness, then I congratulate you on choosing this blog.

Let the blogs begin!