Confessions of a Fauf

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Extended Vacation

Turns out the Fauf is staying down south longer than originally planned. She's attending a big family get together at Mimi's this coming Sat, then she'll head home. While she's having a grand ol' time, she does miss her hubby very much. Being apart, with him up there and her down here, brings back memories of their dating season. And the agony of being separated comes flooding back. Thanks goodness it's only temporary by a few days!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Heading South

I'm heading down to my old stomping grounds. I'll spend some time with Mimi and the family. My sister and I plan to do some good quality shopping at a REAL mall--you know, one of those giant structures with more that a dozen stores and outlets. I'm excited to see Noelle's new apartment, dip in Mimi's pool, and see how tall my littlest brother Andrew has grown (word on the street is that he's sprouted exponentially recently). My wonderful hubby has given me some extra spending money as a gift, so there's no stopping the Fauf!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Secret of the Month

Fauf and Ig do a funny thing where they tell each other a 'secret of the month', something they didn't know about each other. Fauf's secret of the month is that she knows more about basketball, Lakers, and the NBA than people think she does. Here's a little about what she knows:

She knows Derek Fisher is a Christian and family man

She knows how to set a "screen" for defense

She's sad Rick Fox is retired

She knows shooting fouls result in free-throws, but sometimes when a team/player has so many fouls against them, ANY fouls results in free-throws

She loves watching her little bro Andrew play the most. Her fave highlight is when he shot a half-court shot, made it, and won the play-offs! Unforgettable!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Catching Up

Now that school is over and summer vacation is here, I am playing catch up...

on sleep (I slept 11 hours this last Friday night, and even dreamed of sleeping)

on house projects (we need to rearrange the office)

on shopping (I've been saving my allowance for a shopping spree at Forever 21)

on writing (I'm putting the finishing touches on Watson's Case due this July 31)

on friend dates (breakfast with Jen, and beach dates with Marisa this week)

on movies (Toy Story 3 and Eclipse are a few I'm looking forward to this summer)

on leisure time (book reading, magazine flipping, crossword working, and Scrabble playing)

Saturday, June 05, 2010

Summer Fauf

That's right! Summer Fauf is coming out! This next week school is over, and summer vacation kicks in. It's hard to believe it's summer again! And the Summer Fauf will be alive and well. You can look forward to the following from Summer Fauf:

1. Spontaneous escapades--plans play a minimal role in Fauf's Summer life

2. Late night living--movies, games, reading, etc. into late hours of the night

3. Summer garb--sun dresses, skirts, shorts, tanks, bathing suit become the Summer Fauf uniform

4. Cold snacks--a constant craving of frappuccinos, Otter Pops, Frosties, etc.

5. All around free-spirited goofiness!