Confessions of a Fauf

Thursday, August 31, 2006

Tribute to a Few Good Friends

This week as been grueling. I've been preparing my classroom. Then on Wednesday, school officially started. The carefree Fauf was put to sleep against her will, while the school-year Fauf was shoved into existence. This transition was hard, but would have been even harder if not for a few good friends who helped immensely. As a result, I have survived my first week back. Thus a tribute must be made to these great individuals who have been there for me in more ways than they'll ever know.

Lisa Salas: Thanks for praying for me and for your encouraging words over the phone. I can always count on God using you to get me back on track, to get over myself, and to regain the proper perspective of Him and what life is all about!

Roomie Jenn: Thanks so much for praying over me the other night when I was so stressed out I couldn't even fall asleep! And thanks for making being at home so much fun!

Michael: Thanks so much for helping me in my classroom and for stimulating my creative juices. You have a way of making me excited about life.

Mr. & Mrs. Shaw: Thank you for calling my first day to see how I was doing and to wish me luck. Your support is very appreciated. And thanks, Mr. Shaw, for the Stop/Caution sign idea--it's working great!

Jesus: Thank you for being with me always, for equipping me for this job, and for being my all in all.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Much Ado to Santa Maria

Is it possible to miss a place the minute you leave it? I'm sure it is.
It seems like the moment you step out the magical gates of Disneyland after a magical day, you miss Disneyland and want to return.
Or the minute you board the plane and gaze out the window upon the glorious city of Rome, you miss it and want to live there.
These are two very special places to me that I miss all the time. Well, there is a third place I've added in my heart. Believe it or not, it's Santa Maria. The moment I drive south on the 101 towards LA, I miss Santa Maria and can't wait to return. Even though I have a wonderful time visiting family and friends, I miss Santa Maria. But unlike Disneyland and Rome, Santa Maria is home. And that is why it merits this blog.

Sunday, August 20, 2006


This week I was blessed to see my little second cousin Finnian who lives with his mom (my cousin Jessica) and his dad (Jessica's husband Christopher) in Salinas. (I don't know why I had to clarify the relations, but while we're clarifying them, I must say that we were teaching Finn to call me Auntie Fauf, tho I am his second cousin. But we thought I was deserving of some title because I adore him so and hope to invest in his little life!) Now from the pictures you can tell two things: first that he is adorable, and second that I adore him. And let me just say this: Finn is a little charmer. He loves people, he deliberately poses for a camera, he is fascinated by everything in this world, and he is so much fun to be around. (Of course I don't live with him and have to take care of him every waking hour, but still....I wouldn't mind having him as my own. GASP Did I just say that? I don't really mean it. So if he ever gets kidnapped--God forbid--don't look at me as a suspect.) But I do have a secret agenda: I think I should arrange a betrothal between Finnian and the ever endearing Cass. They're two of the cutest babies currently living....

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Preview of Coming Attractions

It's approaching that time of year when the Fauf becomes another person. Many of you may not know this about the Fauf if you have not lived in close vicinity with her. But she has a duo-personality. There are two characters she can be. There is the care-free, stay up late and sleep in, make no permanent plans, live life to its fullest Fauf. This Fauf emerges from her sleep in mid-June and prepares for hybernation mid-August. This is the Fauf that has recently moved to Santa Maria. Then there is the disciplined, go to bed early and wake up even earlier, follow a schedule, living for a higher purpose Fauf. This Fauf awakens at the end of August and thrives till early June, taking weeks of hybernation every few months during holidays. This is the Fauf that is beginning to awake even now.

For those of you who have not yet met this new Fauf that will soon come to life, here are some sneak peeks at who she is to better prepare you.

1. She requires a good 8 hours of sleep every night except for weekends.
2. She runs her day by a strict watch of the clock.
3. She dresses in more professional garb.
4. Most of her conversation centers around children and their strange behaviors.
5. She consumes larger amounts of caffein.

If you are afraid that the new Fauf about to emerge will be sinfully boring and highly annoying, do not fear. This new Fauf is much more creative, much more keen, and can have much more fun because it comes in concentrated doses. So rather than shy away from the new Fauf, embrace her and all her new idiosyncracies!

Monday, August 07, 2006

There's No Place Like Home

I have now been a resident of Santa Maria a little over a week. And I just have to say that I absolutely LOVE living here! Do I miss my family and friends? Yes, I do. But I don't miss living in Redlands. Santa Maria is definitely home. Here are some reasons I'm lovin' it:

S-o convenient to get from one place to the other
A-ir and space to breathe
N-ever any traffic
T-ri-tip sandwiches
A-ffordable rent for such a great home

M-ichael interacting in my life
A-vila beach and others so close
R-oomie Jenn being a great friend
I-ncredible new friends and church
A-ll praise goes to God for all of the above and more!