Confessions of a Fauf

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

A Beautiful List

I recently heard of a conversation between two friends about the benefits of relationships. The one friend who was not currently in a relationship gave his list of why it's great to be in a relationship. He had some very romantic reasons. The one friend who was currently in a relationship gave a very economical/practical reason. Both friends had good reasons for why relationships are so great. Here are my reasons based on a wonderful relationship I have with an AMAZING guy.

1. Your phone rings frequently, which makes you feel like the most popular person

2. You get special gifts like flowers and goofy but wonderfully sappy cards

3. You have a hand to hold

4. You have someone who brings out the best in you because he thinks the best of you

5. You have a prayer partner in life

6. You have someone to laugh with

7. You have someone to be honest and yourself with

8. You have someone to think about who is more than worthy of your thoughts

9. You have someone to risk things for

10. You have someone to walk with you through this beautiful thing called life

(These reasons are completely partial and prejudiced based solely on the great relationship God has blessed me with, and the great Michael Shaw. You may have completely different reasons why you enjoy relationships. I will not judge you.)

Friday, May 26, 2006

What Do Angel Wings, Blue Bods, and Chess Have In Common?


(I chose to use Roman numerals for the 3 in attempts to be Logan's metal claw)

Last night (Thurs. going into Fri morning) was a night of many firsts for me.

It was my FIRST midnight showing I'd been to. Reason being that usually I am teaching when all the great movies are showing at midnight on a school night. But this Fri. was just an inservice day, so I decided to "Live it up!", as the endearing Mr. Shaw Sr. says.

It was my FIRST viewing of XMEN III. I need to see it one more time before I give a formal critique, but over all I liked it, but bottom line I didn't LOVE it like the other two XMEN fimls.

It was my FIRST major coffee hang-over in a long time. We got Starbucks so I could stay awake (usually I am falling asleep by 9:45pm on Thurs. nights as a general rule). The girl made the wrong frappuchino at first, so we got an extra free one. Too much, to say the least and I feel it today.

It was the FIRST time I wish I had mutant powers. I'm not exactly set on which power I want.
Angel wings would be amazing--I've always dreamt of flying. But then kind of awkward for a girl who likes to look cute in a dress!
Kitty's running through walls power would be very useful, especially since I tend to lock myself out of my classroom alot and then have to borrow other staff's keys.
Mystic's camelleon power would be great fun, and I love to impersonate people. But then having pure freakish ugliness as your original identity would be devastating!
Jean Grey's hot body and flaming hair are to be envied--oh wait, that wasn't her mutant super power!

Well, maybe I just need to create my own mutant powers. That would definitely be a FIRST for me!

Monday, May 22, 2006

I have to confess I've been getting cold feet about moving lately. Not that I don't want to move--I really want to and I do feel this is God's plan. But I had to be honest with myself that I am getting a little scared. Thanks to an AMAZING boyfriend who gave me all the encouragement I needed, I am back to being excited. But I've decided to come up with a list of great things about my moving to Santa Maria for me to refer back to when I may get discouraged again from now till August. Feel free to add to it--I need all the encouragement I can get!

1. Moderate weather all year round. None of this 35 degree weather in Feb. and 105 degree heat in July. Redlands is ridiculous!

2. No traffic! There is now traffic on the 10 frwy no matter what day, what time!

3. Close to the beach! No hour drive to the beach anymore.

4. A condo that is not above neighbors who are unnaturally close that I can never find!

5. A great roomie who is already my BFF!

6. A teaching job with a higher salary. I'll be able to afford real butter! JK

7. Being able to hang out with my SM friends instead of making imaginary dates over blogs!

8. Being a part of a college group again--something I have missed for over a year.

9. Finding out who are my true friends and family based on who visits me in SM and how often--one can never be too careful.

10. I saved the best for last! Having a REAL relationship with a great boyfriend; being a part of the world of someone who I think is amazing; sharing life with someone I adore-- Michael Shaw, I cannot WAIT to move!

Monday, May 15, 2006

Kids' Day My Eye!

When I was little, I used to ask my mom on Mother's Day, "Why don't they have a Kids' Day?" (I asked the same question on Father's Day, too). And my mom would say, "Every day is kids' day." Sound familiar? I used to get upset and think that that could not possibly be true when every day I had to feed the dog, clean my room, and do schoolwork. Even now that I am an adult, I've realized that it is still

NOT true!

Some of my students have tougher days than I do and they're only seven and eight years old. Let's compare a day of one of my students to a day of mine:

6:30am--Marcus is dropped off at day care at school. I am in the shower.
7:30am--Marcus has to choose teams for dodgeball. I am in staff devotions.
8:15am--Marcus lines up and gets accidentally shoved by a fifth grader. I am greeted by hugs.
10:40am--Marcus forgets his snack, so has to wait in a long line at the snack bar. I get free Oreos from Jon who likes to share with me.
10:45am--Because he had to wait in line, Marcus misses being chosen for dodgeball. I chit chat with fellow teachers.
1:00--3:00pm--Marcus has to listen, concentrate, think, etc. I get to talk.
3:00--5:30--Marcus is in day care. I get to leave campus.
6:30--Marcus has to eat green bean cassarole for dinner. I get to fix my own dinner.
7:30--8:30pm--Marcus has to do homework. I get to watch TV.
9:00pm--Marcus climbs into bed. I climb into bed.

SEE? A kid's life is not comparable to a Mother's Day everyday! So now I challenge you to stand up for kids. If you hear an adult say that everyday is Kids' Day, refute that lame excuse for no such holidays. Kid lovers of the world unite!

PS (Okay, so maybe this is a little slanted. Honestly, I do not assign an hour's worth of homework every night. When it comes to homework, students love me. And I don't watch an hour of TV every night. I'm busy too. And I'm not positive Marcus' mom makes green bean cassarole...but she could!)

Monday, May 08, 2006

Microscope on My Heart

The past weekend God has really been testing my heart and making me wait for alot of answers to my life. Like any weak human reliant upon God, I have breathed prayers and solicited close friends to pray with me. These are called prayer requests.

It's funny how in the moment when you are consumed by your issues and constantly in prayer about them, the whole world seems nonexistent, like you are the only person in the world that matters, that no other prayer requests matter. It seems your issues are too big to bear.

What a microscopic view you have of yourself and of life!

Then when the dust settles, when the issues are resolved, when God answers your prayers, you return to a healthier perspective. You back away from the microscope, and you see the bigger picture. You suddenly realize that your issues were not as heavy as you had thought. You realize that even your prayer requests were quite petty in light of this huge world and all its people. Your prayers were but a drop on the palm of God.

The beautiful thing is that though they are a mere drop, God never disregards them. He takes the time and power to peer into them with His microscope and answer them. And in doing so, He takes the microscope from us and gives us a broader view away from ourselves. Till all we see is HIM...

And that is how we can cope with life!

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

I'm Not Gonna Lie....

If I were living in Santa Maria, I would be wanting to hang out with the fabulous people there. It's been barely two weeks since I was there, but it seems like two years. I'm gonna be completely vulnerable and admit that I'm missing all you great peoples in SM. But since my situation is of a most annoyingly inconvenient nature, I am unable to just phone you up and make a date to hang out. So there's the other alternative: shout outs!

Michael: let's make a date to write together at Hunter's Landing and enjoy hot chocolate and each other's fine company (whenever I am up there again.)Gosh, I miss you!

Jenn: I will call you soon, I promise. I'm excited to hear about the condo, roomie-to-be!

Parker: my girlfriends loved the Ten Plagues finger puppets. They thought they were hilarious and clever! Thanks again and you, Michael, and I shall make a date to see more fun movies!

Tanya: we need to come up with a name and a logo for our no-braces club!

Mr. & Mrs. Shaw: I miss you guys. It is hard to live it up without you!

If I did not give you a shout out, do not be offended. It's because you do not read my blog or comment. If you are reading this now, then comment so I can give you a shout out. If you are a hometown friend, I love you too and am glad I can just phone you up and make dates to hang out. Do not be jealous of this blog because someday (hopefully) you will get a similar blog when I am living in SM and missing you.

(Okay, I thought giving shout outs and making futuristic dates would make me feel better. It didn't...I miss you all even more. Especially you, Michael. Dang it!)

Monday, May 01, 2006

May Resolutions

As we all know, New Year's resolutions are ridiculous because we make them with high hopes for our amibitions, then by March we are left disillusioned by life. I never make resolutions--I make goals for the year. While I have been somewhat successful in meeting these goals (with God's grace), I tend to forget my goals mid-year. So perhaps the easier method of fulfilling goals is to set them monthly. And since today is the first day of a brand-new month and a brand-new May (we only get one May this year), I am feeling amibitious to set some goals for the month!

1. I will learn how to cook. My mom is leaving for a week to Michigan. I have volunteered to cook for my dad and brothers EVERY night she is gone! I will conquer this fear and triumph! (your prayers are coveted!)

2. I will finish the first three books in Lemony Snicket's 'Unforunate Events'. It may be excruciating, a word which here means painful to read horrific happenings to 'clever and reasonably attractive orphans'.

3. I will finish the ridiculous and redundant requirements to receive my teaching credential...without attacking our state's capital in protests against the hoops they make us jump through and the criminal amounts of paper they make us waste. (can you hear the vindictive tone? You will only understand this venting if you are in education).

4. I will try to get over the frustration of my long-distance relationship. However, this is not easily done since I miss Michael every stinkin' day (and can do nothing about it at present)! While I do hope that everyone can find an amazing person in the world to love, I do NOT hope that he/she lives more than 20 miles away from you.

5. I will write more insightful blogs that will make a difference in the world. (Okay, so this is lofty, but I need to have at least one 'save the world' ambition)

Happy New May!

PS In follow up to my last blog, I have not heard those unnaturally near neighbors since. But I am quite certain I am NOT crazy. (But then crazy people never think they're crazy, so...who knows.)