Confessions of a Fauf

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Evolution of Fauf and Fig

Here we are at the end. While we look forward to Westly's arrival, let's look back at his little life so far...

3 months

4 months

5 months

6 months

7 months

8 months

9 months

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Another Journey

This time last year we were preparing for our fantastic trip to London. It's hard to believe that we were heading there a year ago. How so much has changed in a year! This year, we are also preparing for a journey: parenthood! While it's a totally different journey than the London trip, we're doing some similar things to prepare for it.

Packing: instead of packing sweaters and scaves, we've packed a robe and newborn clothes. We have a small suitcase packed for the hospital.

Snacks: instead of having food to make lunches for our days in London, we have snacks ready on hand for labor and afterwards (mainly for daddy)

Reading: instead of reading tourist books, we're reading up on nursing, Bradley method, etc.

Documents: instead of boarding passes and passports, we have copies of our birthing preferences and insurance cards ready

Sourveniers: instead of returning with British flags and Big Ben magnets, we will be returning home with a little bundle of joy

We are just as excited for this new adventure as we were for London!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The End of an Era

Being that I'm just 2 weeks away from Westly's due date, the reality of it all is starting to take hold of me. One thing I've been thinking a lot about is how I won't be pregnant anymore...I've gotten quite used to looking and feeling this way, it will be a shock to not have this belly anymore! I'm one of the rare women who have actually LOVED being pregnant, that I think I might actually miss it. Here's a list of things I will miss about being pregnant, and then a list of things I will not miss...

I will miss....

1. Not worrying about having a flat belly, especially after a big meal--the baby bump has covered that up

2. The extra thickness and luster of my hair--I hardly ever shed a hair, even in the shower

3. My skin being clear and glowing

4. Learning all about pregnancy and this developing baby

5. Feeling him move inside me--it's like having a little friend with me all the time

I will NOT miss...

1. Not being able to sleep on my back--can't wait to have a third sleeping position option again

2. Having to change out my wardrobe every few weeks and taking twice as long to get ready because clothes suddenly don't fit

3. Having to pee ALL the time

4. Being sore after simple tasks like bending down to pick something up, doing housework, or just getting in and out of the car

5. Seeing numbers on the scale when I weigh in that I've never seen before in my life

So there will be some things to mourn and some things to look forward to with the end of this pregnancy. Above all, I can't wait to meet and cuddle this little Fig!

Monday, March 21, 2011

A Break from Cooking

Somehow I've been lucky enough to be treated to three dinners out in the last few days!

Dinner 1:
St. Patrick's Day dinner at our friends' house on Thursday. We got to try corn beef for the first time, and enjoyed it, along with all the sides. Bonus: We also got to have great fellowship!

Dinner 2:
Author's dinner at Spy Cliff in Shell Beach. Four authors were honored and we got to meet them and enjoy a good steak, all compliments of a generous friend who invited us. Bonus: I made a good connection with a literary agent--keep your fingers crossed!

Dinner 3:
Early birthday dinner at Uliveto's in Orcutt. Since Westly will be just days old when my birthday comes in April, my in-laws decided to take me our for my b-day dinner early. We went all out: bruscetta appetizer, pasta, chocolate cake. Bonus: I got to enjoy the company of my hubby and the best in-laws a girl could hope for!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy Irish Day

Such a funny holiday, St Patrick's Day. I think the funniest thing about it is that it's one of those few random holidays that Americans love to celebrate, whether they're Irish or not. There are not too many of those. I mean, not everyone loves to celebrate the Chinese New Year (unless you're a kindergarten classroom or something). No one thinks much of Canada's Thanksgiving. But come St. Patty's day, everyone pulls out their green wardrobe and eats poor-man's food (no one makes a meal out of cabbage unless they're impoverished, like Charlie Bucket).

Well, this year, I have to say, I'm one of those Americans. I'm wearing the one green sweater I own, and we're going to eat corn beef and cabbage for the first time tonight, compliments of some great friends who want to spend the holiday with me and my picky husband. But we've agreed: we're game for anything on this St. Patty's Day!

PS For those of you who were hoping Westly would come today so you could add the second middle name of Patrick (hem, hem, Ig Master), I don't think we'll be that lucky!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Final Stretch

Here we are at 9 months along--one more month until Westly's due date! He is most likely around 6 lbs and 18 inches long right now--this is just an estimation. He feels smaller though inside me. His little feet like to stretch up to my rib cage, and he continues to get hicc-ups all the time! While sometimes the sensation gets a little annoying, it's a good reminder of his position. I feel the hucc-ups down low, which means he's still head down, which is what we want! I'm enjoying my time off: reading, writing, exercising, and getting the nursery ready. We're getting more and more excited to meet our little boy!