Confessions of a Fauf

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Red Carpet Fauf

I'm sitting here watching the Oscars. We've been casting our guesses, and I was in the lead for a moment. Yes, I was beating the amazing Michael Shaw...but for a moment, but still enough to mention here. And the evening is still who knows, I may actually catch up and might even win. But somehow I don't feel that is right, beating Michael. Yet, the two have become one, so either way I win!

Anyways, after watching all these people accept their Oscars, make their speeches, shed some tears, thank their peoples, etc., I can't help but think how I would react to receiving an award. I mean, it doesn't have to be an Oscar, just any kind of award. But who am I kidding....let's pretend it's an Oscar. What other award is worth practicing acceptance speeches for?

"And the award for most inventive lunch bag in the teacher's lounge goes to..."

Or maybe

"Best supporting blogger in 'Confessions of a Fauf' is...."

Or rather

"The award for most loved wife goes to..."

Whatever the award, I'm sure my acceptance speech would go something like this:

"Wow! Boof! I'm just so overwhelmed. I never thought I would make it to this moment, when I first selected that lunch bag. I would like to thank my colleagues for encouraging me to use any lunch bag I wanted. And of course I would like to thank the Albertson's chain for manufacturing these great plastic grocery bags, without which I would not have a way to carry my lunch. Thank you!"


"What can I say, but 'Hooray for Faufs!' All thanks must go to the blogging website and those geniuses behind it all. I just have to say that it's great websites like the blogging one that can unite this world. And if ever you doubt that you can achieve your dream, just remember that it is possible! It is possible!" ::sniff, sniff::


"Oh, goodness, let me just catch my breath here for a moment. I'm just...speechless! But I would like to thank some very important people in my life. First I would like to thank my parents, who encouraged me to move to Santa Maria and pursue my husband. I must thank all my friends who supported me in this: Courts, Sauss, Lowie, Jenn in Boots, Kims, Lisa--oh, I have to wrap it up. I must thank Courtney who introduced me to Michael. I should probably thank my pastors and all my Sunday School teachers and--oh, okay, but I must thank one more person: my husband who without him I would not be accepting this award right now. Like I said, I'm speechless! Thank you!"

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Those Feb Updates

Lot's of things have been happening in this lovely month of February so far. And where has Fauf and her confessions been? Honestly, there's no telling. But here's a glimpse of some Feb. activities of late:

Happy Be-lated Birthday to my blog: On Feb. 6, my blog turned 2 years old. You know what they say about the "terrible 2's"...I would like to go on record right now as apologizing for any future behavior my blog may exhibit based on it being 2 years old.

Happy Be-lated Valentine's Day: On Feb. 14, I celebrated this lovely holiday with my HUSBAND, a first for me. It was the best Valentine as of now because we're married. Honestly, I've never cared much for Valentines (not because I was single) but because I never cared much for the combination of pink and red (I like them separately, but not together). But I'm definitely looking at those two colors differently.

Happy Spoiling Fauf Day: my dear hubby totally spoiled me this Valentine's Day (even though I thought we weren't spending alot of money on each other). Today I went to Kohl's and spent the gift certificate he gave me on lots of fun clothes and a great yellow purse (yes, yellow). I'm also in line for a massage, that I'm looking forward to.

Lord of the Rings update: Yes, I am still trudging through, now a little more than half way through "Fellowship of the Ring." Funniest line so far: "Knock your head against the door, Pippin, and make yourself no longer a nuisance!" --Gandalf

Monday, February 04, 2008

Faufy Baggins

It's February 4, which means that Fauf's next book is well underway. She has decided to do something a little insane: read the Lord of the Rings trilogy for Feb--April. It's been on her list for years, and now she's finally dedicating to the daunting task (made more daunting by the fact that all three books are put into one large heavy book which makes it appear more intimidating than it already is by itself.) Anyways, there you have it. And this will probably be the last blog about her New Year's resolution for a long time, being that it will be months before she sees the light of the last chapter.

Onto other topics: I think it's time to form a book club or a writer's club. I took one step towards that by signing up for, a website dedicated to readers, etc. Great site! So are there any other avid readers or better yet, writers who want to get together and have pondersome conversations about these topics? Just throwing it out there...