Confessions of a Fauf

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A Few Windy Verses

Wind, wind, go away
I do not like a windy day,
It blows my hair in my face
And scatters dust in every space
I always sniff and always sneeze
Because of this rambunctious breeze
I do not want the wind to stay
I wish that it was the month of May!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


This week I've had little moments of little pleasures that delighted me. I like when God sends little reminders that He's thinking of me, in the form of little blessings. Of course they are just as ridiculous as this blog, and you will probably think Fauf is more ridiculous than you thought, but I just wanted to share them with you. And I urge you not to cancel your readership of my confessions here.

I literally gasped aloud with delight when I found my Special K cereal on sale at Albertson's the other day--I bought 3 boxes.

On St. Patrick's day, I ate a baked potato with all the goodies for lunch--totally a spontaneous thing I discovered when I walked into the teacher's lounge.

Today I ventured to the bright and airy Trader Joe's that just opened--I indulged in gouda cheese, tangerine juice, and Pirates Booty.

This week I found a red envelope in my mailbox--we got our first Netflix!

I made banana bread the other night, a recipe from my dear Mimi--it made me think happy thoughts about her.

I was just told that I can get free refills on my ice tea at any Starbucks because of my gold card--I am planning my day around doing that.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

New V. Old

Spring time is coming! The world is awakening. It's a time of birth and new life. Yet amidst all the newness, there is some oldness and some death. I guess I've just been in the mood for comparing opposites lately. So here goes another comparison...

Adelaide Coulter born to John and Morgan last Sunday. She is new and lovely and will be formidable, mark my words
Green weeds continue to grow in our yard and although they're a pain, at least they're green and spring-like
Fauf has unlocked her Starbucks internet access, which has opened new opportunities for online exploration
We purchased new drapes for our sliding door in the family room, which makes our manor that much more complete
There is a new market opening in Santa Maria this Monday, known as Trader Joe's! Hooray

This cough is getting very old and tiresome to the Fauf
Trying to get a hold of Azusa college for some credential info is getting very old and boring
The Shaw's obsession for Scrabble has temporarily died and been replaced with Skip-Bo (gasp)
Fauf feels the pressures of growing old as her birthday countdown begins on Monday the 16th (a month from her bday, in case you needed to mark your calendar)

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Joy V. Grief

Oh joy, I have many joys in my life right now. But I do have some grievances. I suppose that's what I get for trying to have a balanced life.

Ode to Joys: the Manor never ceases to bring me joy. It has become home. We were blessed by all our friends and family who came to our House warming party and shared in our joy. My husband also brings me immense joy in the way he loves me and makes me feel special. And the newest joy, revisiting Stars Hollow. I'm starting with season 1 of Gilmore Girls and reliving many cozy memories (many involving my best roomie Jen). Lastly, Starbucks' newest concoction: pairings. You get coffee and a food for one great price!

Good Grief: this stupid cold or allergy or whatever the heck it is won't leave! We've had a sore throat for almost four weeks now, and it's not really getting better, or worse! What is up with it! Also this one 6th grade class I'm teaching art to is so annoying...I dread the last hour of school on Thursdays. Last grievance, day light savings kicks in this weekend---Fauf does not cope well with it.