Confessions of a Fauf

Saturday, November 17, 2007

This Moment with Fauf

I'm sitting here wondering what to blog about. I'm always at a loss at first for what to write. And then I just glance around my life and get inspiration. At this moment, Michael and Parker are in the background in my life bickering and discussing senseless things. Such as whether or no the ceiling of our writing room is shaped like the state of Nevada. Then Michael offered Parker an old wasabi peanut from China. Now Parker is cursing Michael for putting a song into his head.

Parker: "My new nickname at work is Carlton."
Michael: "Carlton. That's a great a name. What about that name for our kid?"

Danger: Michael is now feeling hyper because of Parker. That means he may want to leave the house soon and do something crazy out in that world. Or he may want to create something. Or eat something fun.

So Parker?
So Shaw?
What can we do right now?
Something amazing! life...what more inspiration do I need?

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Report Card Time

This week is parent/teacher conferences, you know those conferences between parents and teachers where they get together and conference about their children. Talking with some of these moms and dads about their kids and how they see their kids in comparison to how I see them has gotten me thinking. It's gotten me thinking about those little Shaws to come. What kind of mom will I be to my kid's teacher? Will I be the mom who brings in every scrap of paper her child has brought home from school every single day of the past 3 months? (true story). Or will I be the mom who sighs in relief when she sees that her son actually got some A's? (true again). Or will I be the mom who tells the teacher some funny dark secret about another mom in the class? (yep). I wonder. What kind of kid will be mine in that classroom? Will my kid be the student who makes the teacher laugh, makes the teacher fall in love with her, makes the teacher shrug her shoulders and say "That's just who he is", or make the teacher want to call in sick so she doesn't have to talk to me about this horrible child of mine! Again I wonder. It will be interesting to be on the other side of the conference table some day, having been the teacher today.

Yeah, I don't think you can expect any little Shaws anytime soon...I'm not quite ready to find out those things I wonder!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

To Be A Millionaire

Do you ever wish that someone very wealthy would die and leave all their money to you? Then you could make a huge life-change based on your new wealth and do something quite out of the ordinary and anger lots of people. But they wouldn't really be able to do anything about it because you're so rich and money would take care of everything. Before I go any further, please know that this is not a plea from silent desperation because Fauf is not content with her life. On the contrary, she is very content with her blissful life that includes marriage, a wonderful husband, and a cozy nest. But I'm just saying, that there are moments in life when I do wish someone wealthy would die and leave me all their riches and we could break loose and do something crazy that would constitute really living a dream. I figured it's okay to dream about it and actually have some ideas in the event that this really happens. I don't want to sit around wasting time thinking of what to do. Because in my experience, the longer I linger, the sooner my practical sensible side creeps in, and before I knew it, I would be depositing that huge inheritance into some trust fund for my unborn children's college education! So here's my list of ideas in the event that I am blessed by some old wealthy geezer's death:

1. Move to New York for a year and live in a cute flat in the center of town (like on You've Got Mail.)

2. Travel the world for a year or so

3. Design and build my own dream home wherever I decided (it would have a library)

4. Buy an island

5. Visit all the Disneylands all over the world and stay in all the finest Disney hotels

6. Publish my own books

7. Open an art gallery in Carmel

8. Take Jennifer Garner out for lunch and pay her to be my best friend (although this wouldn't be too far of a stretch because I really believe we could be good friends.)

9. Break into the movie world and direct my own films

10. Invest the money (I guess....I had to list one practical wise thing)

Monday, November 05, 2007

The Past

Now that November is well underway, and October is yet another remnant of the past, I'd like to take this blog to remember all those great moments of October in Fauf's life.

Hanging with the Drazin clan in the homeland, not getting enough of the adorable Toey, spending time in the Magic Kingdom, and of course being lost at sea and rescued by a commercial fishing boat. (Did I not mention that in October? Hmm....I thought surely there was a blog about that one...oh, well too late now.)

Thursday, November 01, 2007

This Day

Today is the first day of November. There have been some significant historical events that have taken place on this day in the past. I can think of the two most important events that have affected Fauf's life:

November 1, 1980: Dad and Mom Drazin were married, thus guaranteeing Fauf's existence. (That's as far as your minds need to go.)

November 1, 1982: Michael Shaw was born (and he was quite cute), thus guaranteeing Fauf's happiness. (Again as far as your minds need to go.)

And that's all that needs to be confessed here. This blog does not want to cheapen the significance of this day.