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Monday, May 14, 2007

Lazin' It Up

Many bloggers are into writing odes to life and odes to such in such. I am here today to write an ode to this past weekend. What a glorious weekend indeed!
Fri. Night: Some good time with the Shaw parents and their ridiculously high-definition TV. I was also introduced to this freakish animal called the Slender Loris that moves as if in slow motion, until it seizez an insect at ravenous speed.
Sat. Morn: entered the world of ALIAS season 5. I have been a Sydney Bristo fan from Season 1, and am now very excited to be finishing her adventures with her. Only danger, I view my world with spidey-sense, suspicious of everything and everyone. (Is my roomie really a double-agent? Is Michael marrying my only to fit his alias and learn some info?)
Sat. Day: quality time with the fiance in SLO, and friend Andrew. Not so quality time watching The Wind Blows the Barley with Cillian Murphy whose eyes still look like glass and whose accent was a strained Irish one.
Sat. Night: Michael and I went up and down every aisle of Blockbuster video writing down movies we want to see in our lifetime. That way when we want to rent a movie, we can just pick one from our list. Not only are we saving time, but we are also viewing all movies we want to in an organized fashion.
Sun. Morn: good times with the Lord at His house
Sun. Day: went home and took a nap, then followed Sydney on a few more missions. Then did not leave my livingroom for the rest of the day. It was quite lovely to lounge about with Michael, with Jenn, with myself all day and should I say this? Lazy, I guess. That lazy day and languishing weekend should keep me going till the end of school. Which is only ::drum roll:: 3 1/2 weeks away (including this week!)

Then vacation Fauf returns!


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