Confessions of a Fauf

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

For Him

If you keep up on Ig's blog, then you must have read the most recent Ode of Fauf. I was quite touched and wanted to reciprocate with my own Ode to Ig. Here is a list of things I appreciate/love about Ig:

10. He goes to work everyday, putting up with average students, obnoxious co-workers, inhospitable environments so he can earn money for us and allow me to earn less money.

9. He pays all the bills the first of the month, so that I never have to crunch numbers, write a check, or lick an envelope.

8. He takes out the stinky trash and sets out the cumbersome trash can on Fridays, wheeling it back into the garage at the end of the day

7. He constantly makes Fauf laugh, ensuring never a dull moment at the Shaw Manor and in their marriage

6. He secretly lets Fauf win games sometimes, so that she'll feel successful and want to play again.

5. He plans monthly dates to romance Fauf, which always include a bouquet of flowers

4. He puts up with her crazy family and goes along for the ride when visiting down-south, without one complaint

3. He supports her creative endeavors and encourages her to pursue them, making her dreams possible

2. He looks out for her and protects her, reminding her in love and firmness to always wear her helmet when bike-riding

1. He writes blogs about her, cuddles her, kisses her, humors her, and treasures her

Ah, twoo wuv!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Breaking Into Print

Last weekend we went and saw that movie State of Play (really great movie BTW). In the movie, Russel Crow works for the Washington Post, so alot of the movie takes place in this enormous newspaper office. There are reporters typing away in their messy personalized cubicles, interns running around making copies, and editors shooting sassy comments and slashing paragraphs. Very exciting work place! Which of course got me thinking...why did I not pursue journalism? In college, my first year, I debated majoring in journalism, but went into teaching (obviously that was God's plan and I have no beef with Him over it). Still I can't help but daydream about working for an important newspaper. Or even getting to write daily and see my writing in print. ::sigh:: I was thinking of trying to live that a little in my own personal life. So in case you see the following strange behavior from Fauf the next couple weeks, do not be alarmed...I am only living out my daydream.

Some strange behavior to be spotted:
1. Red correction marks on your facebook comments, emails, or birthday cards (just correcting those grammatical errors)

2. Fauf's usually tidy office becoming a maze of stacked newspapers, and her tidy desk littered with papers and a greasy computer

3. "Whaddya got for me?" will be her new greeting on her voice mail

4. All conversations with Fauf (even those friendly chats at Starbucks) will be recorded with a concealed recorder

5. Finally a pen on a string will be the necklace of her choice

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Sore Muscles

No, I haven't been working out extra. But I do have some sore muscles: my jaw! Not because I chewed on a great steak last week, or ate too much bday cake. No, my jaw and tongue and mouth muscles were so sore yesterday after teaching all day. Spring break got me out of shape. Then I went back to work and had to talk a mile a minute for almost six straight hours! I was so sore and tired! And my throat got raspy. Geez, who knew that my job would be so demanding on my mandibles? Perhaps I need to do some mouth exercises and build up those muscles. Any suggestions?

Thursday, April 16, 2009

16 And 27...Related?

Well, I'm another year older, another year seasoned, and hopefully another year wiser (at least in matters of escrow). I remember when I was little and anytime I would pretend that I was an adult, I would always say, "I'm 27." I just thought it sounded like a good adult age, not too young, but still in the twenties. I felt that by 27 an adult would have accomplished major things in life, but still have energy to go on exciting adventures. I have to say now that I'm 27, I'm not disappointed. I have met some big accomplishments (such as learning to use a crock pot among others) and still look forward to many new things that my twenties should bring (like cooking a Thanksgiving turkey and such). Today I will be on the look-out for the number 27....

27 times 100 calories I consumed from my bday breakfast in bed of a chocolate doughnut and Jamba
27 episodes minus 3 are in one season of Gilmore Girls, which we are plowing through
27 approx. feet from my Manor's front door to our mailbox (I love our house)
27 classes per school I teach art to
27 points I hope to score on a word in our Scrabble game
27 times I laugh on average with my great friends
27 kisses I receive on average from my amazing husband
27 times I cursed this wind this week
27 wishes I have as I blow out 27 candles (I cannot share those wishes under any circumstances)

While I wouldn't mind 27 dresses, I am also practical and thrifty...I have to be realistic, right?

Saturday, April 11, 2009

WARNING: This Blog Is More Intense Than Usual

Last night we watched that documentary "Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed" that came out a year ago or so. The documentary begins by interviewing scientists who were fired and denied faculty rights (such as tenure, etc) because they merely mentioned Intelligent Design as an optional explanation for the origin of the world. The movie goes on to interview prominent scientists about Intelligent Design, whether it's a feasible explanation, etc. The movie continues a study into Hitler's regime and the connections it had to Darwinism. The documentary ends by calling for academic walls to be torn down, for freedom of speech to be defended, and for scientists and faculty to have the freedom to speak about Intelligent Design and to debate evolution.

After the movie, I had a lot to think about. I looked at the attack on creationism from a spiritual perspective. This is yet another area that Satan has taken control of. He has deceived men into taking control of science away from God. Men have the arrogance to take the credit of creation away from God and say to His face, "You didn't design any of this and furthermore You don't exist." Satan has turned God's remarkable creation against Him.

Every single thing God has created has been turned against Him: marriage has turned to divorce, relationship has turned to religion, and creation has turned to evolution. Indeed Satan is the Prince of this World.

But why does God allow it? Why does He not simply blow everyone away, show up, prove Himself, take control? Why does He continue to endure name-calling, false accusations, and denial of His existence? The answer is...


He endures because He loves us so much. He tarries for He does not "desire one to perish".

As you head into Easter, consider God's ultimate sacrifice of love (dying on the cross for sins), also consider the extent of God's love tested everyday as scientists steals credit for His creation, call Him names, and deny His existence. God's love extends everyday that He does not retalliate and instead waits for that last lost soul to turn to Him.

That is true love.

Friday, April 03, 2009

It's That Time Again

Alrighty everyone! In case you were waiting for it, you now have the green light to begin thinking about the Fauf's birthday! It's the month of April, her bday is less than two weeks away, and she is getting excited. This does not mean that you have to do anything, per say, but you should at least be aware of it so if you cross paths with her you can at least wish her a happy birthday. However, if you feel the need to go above and beyond that, her wish list is updated and she values quality times with her loved ones. She also will never say no to desserts in the month of April.