Confessions of a Fauf

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Money, Money, Money

I am totally content with my income bracket, and more than blessed by my hard-working hubby who meets all my needs. But once in awhile it's fun to think about things I would indulge in if I had more money than I do now...

I would travel a ton...

I would be a regular at spas and retreats...

My own home library with tons of books displayed in a lovely way...

I would cook extravagant meals with extravagant ingredients...

Just a few little indulgent dreams, but for now I'm quite content with my life!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Recently I've been having this weird thing happen where I'll randomly think of someone I haven't thought of in a really long time, or have a random dream about someone I don't usually, and then within a few days, I hear from them or hear about them from someone else! So weird!

Like the other day I was thinking about an old friend from home whom I haven't chatted with in a long time. I was thinking about when I was in her wedding, how she and her husband have been married for like 8 years now, and I was wondering if/when they were going to have kids. Today my mom called to tell me she ran into my friend and low and behold, she's pregnant and due in October! (the friend, that is)

I've had a few other thoughts about other people, and so far haven't heard yet from them. Perhaps I should check up on them...?

Who knows what's going on with the Fauf brain, but I can only hope I'll have a dream of Sherlock Academy becoming ridiculously famous and Michael and I living abroad! haha

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Steals and Deals

This must be the month of deals and steals! Everywhere I seem to go, I'm running into deals, which is rare for me. I usually miss all the specials. Maybe I'll have more luck than usual this week if I go to a Thrift store! Here are some deals I've found:

Bath & Body Works has their deal right now where you buy 3 soaps and get 2 free, or buy 2 soaps and get 1 free!

Jamba Juice has a special weekly menu right now where everyday is a different special discount on different types of smoothies!

All week Starbucks has been selling any frappuccino half price!

Target has lots of deals this week, such as sweaters usually $20 now $15, and tops usually $10 now $5!

While these deals may not last much longer, I do know of some steals that are on-going all year round:

Little Ceasar's Hot n' Ready pizzas only $5!

Bookstore in the SM mall selling all books $1 always!

Sherlock Academy for $10 when you buy one from the author!

Friday, May 07, 2010

Too Fast

Time is going by too fast. I'm always aware of it, but recently I've gain new perspective on this rapid progression.

First, we're over a third through this year 2010
Second, we're almost finished with this school year
Third, Michael and I have almost been married for 3 years
Fourth, it's almost been a year since I published my book
Fifth, its' already been a month since we were in London

What's going on???

It doesn't help that I'm already getting emails from schools asking me about teaching art next year for them! Can we at least finish this school year and have at least one month of vacation before we sign on for another school year and more work?