Confessions of a Fauf

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

A Bit of Rhyme

I'm not sure what to write
and post on this blog.
I wish I were a pirate
so I could drown myself with grog.
I just felt the need to write
though I'm not sure what to say,
Since poetry is the fad of late
I think I'll just rhyme away!
So here's to school and students
and to love and life and such,
I'm glad there are feelings here
that only poetry can touch.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Tidal Waves

Gosh, sometimes my life feels as unpredictable and up n' down as this crazy weather we're having. One day it's sunny and breezy, the next day it's pouring rain. One day my students are on task and cooperative, the next day they're getting in fights and can't focus to save their lives. One day my workload is manageable and easy, the next day it's piled and monstrous. One day I am feeling confident about everything, the next day I am questioning everything in my life. It would be nice if life evened out and did not ebb n' flow like the waves. But then I guess there would be no challenge, no lessons to be learned, and sinfully boring blogs. So here's what I have to say to this crazy thing called life...and weather: Do your worst!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Attack of the Drazins

No, this is not the title to Geore Lucas' latest sci-fi thriller saturated with blue-light filming. This is the title of my past four-day weekend. My parents and two of my brothers came to visit. There are alot of Drazins, and even though not all of them came, it still felt like alot. This was the first visit my parents have made, so it was quite delightful to show them a bit of my life. That included showing them my classroom, my church, my home, my new family (the Shaws), and my new cooking savy (my dad was quite surprised to see me actually boiling water on the stove). So to recap this great weekend, here are some great lines from the great characters in my life:

Dad: "You teach ALL these kids?" (upon seeing 25 desks in my large classroom)
Mom: "You know, the one song I didn't like was that 'Cry Out to Jesus' song." (after church)
Eric: "Being here is weird. Weirder than being on a mission trip." (opinion on Santa Maria)
Andrew: "Instead of giving me a birthday gift, just give me fifty bucks." (he turned 13!)
Mr. Shaw: "That Andrew is sure cute."
Mrs. Shaw: "I'm SO happy to meet you."
Lisa: "Don't get ahead of the narrator! Me!" (dictating the Scattergories game)
Kyle: "We're playing epic croquet!" (combining croquet and horseshoes)
Michael: "This is my reality!" (during the chaos of Drazins and Shaws mingling)

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Five Times the Love

I'm a firm believer in the whole theory on the Five Love Languages. It really makes sense. It's great when you learn what your love language(s) is and even greater when you learn others', so then you know how best to love them. Regardless of what your primary love language is, I think you should enjoy all five of them on Valentine's Day. I shared the day with my third graders and was pleasantly surprised to find that they loved me in all five areas!

Quality Time: I spent approx. 6 hours with them, talking to them, listening to them talk (not always at the right time). If that's not quality time, I don't know what is!

Verbal Affirmation: In English today they had to write three facts about their teacher (me). I had a bunch of them share what they wrote, and it was all very affirming. One student stated that I had good fashion sense, to which I said that may be an opinion, not a fact. But I still enjoyed hearing it!

Acts of Service: My students did thoughtful things today for me, like close the door on the way out of the classroom, find their practice clocks for math after I threatened to cry, and line up quickly with only a few warnings.

Physical Touch: I got lots of hugs from them today. They can be quite sweet and endearing.

Gifts: I got candy galore, a few lotion sets, a candle, a coffee mug, and an awesome paint can decorated with Tinker Bell.

I guess I am qutie blessed to have a job where I am loved in all five areas almost on a daily basis. Can't beat that!

PS. I am also blessed to have a four-day weekend (Fri-Mon)! Which also means no new blogs till next Tuesday. If you want something fresh to read till then, read The Adventure of the Pirates and the Scientist--hilarious book that I'm borrowing from Andrew!

Friday, February 09, 2007

Setting the Tone

I'm getting good vibes from February. Last week when my life was not so charmed but rather hellish, I had my doubts about February, wondering if that hellish week was setting the tone for a hellish month. But of course that couldn't be entirely possible since I usually have a maximum of seven hellish days every so often and not hellish blocks of days (ie a month). But still, I didn't have a good outlook on February. But now as my life has returned to its charming state, I am getting good vibes that this month will be a great month. Here are the signs:

1. Michael and I had a great weekend last week, and are promised another great weekend tomorrow, kicking things off with our February date.

2. My parents and two of my siblings are coming up to visit President's weekend. The Drazin's are invading Santa Maria!

3. Valentine's Day is next week, which mean lots of candy, love-struck students, and treats for the sweet.

4. This month is very short, which makes the countdown to our wedding even shorter!

5. Parker wants to be my friend, for real this time.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Baby's 1st Birthday

That's right, my blog is exactly one year old today! My, how it's grown! I'm very excited to see it reach a whole year of existence. This blog has chronicled my ever-changing life, from the time I first pined for Santa Maria and a certain boyfriend, to my big move here, to my now lovely life as a bride-to-be! For old time's sake, go back to Feb. '06 and read my first post titled "First Words". And join with me as I sing this birthday ballad. Everyone!

Ode to my blog
So faithful and true,
Where confessions of me
Were published by you.

I've had some great comments
and some phenomenal posts,
Here's to another great year
as I drink down this toast!

Friday, February 02, 2007


I'm not one to be overly dramatic or extreme (okay, maybe that was a bit extreme because it may be true), but as this week is closing, I must confess it has been the week from you-know-where! (All those who were hoping to have me cuss, sorry to disappoint you.) People usually think I live a charmed life because I never seem to have big problems, large conflicts, or unfortunate events happen to me. This is true, mostly. But once in awhile, I am plagued with troubles. And because most of my life is charmed, it seems that the fates pack all these hellish things into one intense week, instead of spreading them out throughout the month or year. I'm not sure what I would rather have: a normal life riddled with troubles, or a charmed life that endures you-know-what for one week. But I'm just glad this week is over so I can get back to my charmed life! Geez!