Confessions of a Fauf

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Summer Manor

There have been some new additions to the Manor lately (no crib, so don't get too excited!) We've added a new garden, pumpkin patch, and flower beds, a 1940s hutch and mod Target print, and a secret closet. The gnomes are doing a good job of guarding our produce.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Magic Has Come

There has been a new addition to the Manor. We are officially home-owners since we just completed our first remodel! We now have a secret Narnian space in our house. If you open our downstairs coat closet next to the kitchen and staircase, you will find nothing quite out of the ordinary: a vacuum, a broom, lots of hanging coats. But keep going. You must part the coats, and beyond them you will find another secret doorway. Step through, and there is a cozy space that continues to the left under the stairs. We decided to maximize this hollow space for two reasons. First, we could use extra storage, especially when children come along with all their large bulky toys. And second, we could use a place to hide those children in the event that they're unsightly.

Just kidding.

We want a secret place to delight our children and spark their imaginations.

And until they come along, you might find us under the stairs.

Thursday, June 11, 2009


Don't worry, I'm not becoming Oprah. But I do have a list of favorite things about the summer. My summer officially starts today at 11:00am! Hooray! And you know what that means: Vacation Fauf is back!

Stay up, sleep in
Daytime TV like the Price Is Right and Judge Judy
No packed lunches
Getting tan
Fresh fruit
Shorts and sundresses
Smoothies and frappuccinos
Summer blockbusters at the theater
Walks and bike rides
Projects and games
Hanging out with my BFF and hubby 24-7

Friday, June 05, 2009

This Blasted Economy

Lately I've felt like blog readership is down. I've noticed fewer comments not just on my blog, but on many of my friends' blogs as well. I'm wondering if this is just another area where we're seeing the effects of the economy. I mean, the economy is affecting everything, and now I think it might even be affecting blog readership! I suppose more people have to work more and have less time to read blogs, or maybe they're paying a tax on how many comments they leave and just can't afford to comment on everyone's. Who knows....

But I have been thinking that perhaps we can use the bad economy to our benefit. Perhaps we can start blaming more things on the economy. And I think people would take it as a valid excuse. Here are some ways you could use the bad economy as an excuse:

"Sorry I'm late. You know, that bad economy..."
"Dinner is a little over-cooked tonight. That darn economy!"
"I can't believe this economy! Today I had to cut in line!"
"I didn't get a chance to call you back because of the economy!"
"I can't afford to leave a comment in this economy."