Confessions of a Fauf

Saturday, August 25, 2007

In Order to...

This summer I've been painting. So far I've painted two acrylic canvases and I've just sketched the third. They're very eclectic and a bit out there. I've hung both of them in my classroom and I will probably hang the third as well because the three of them are sort of a trilogy. Each painting features a quote. I found them very inspiring and I hope they will inspire you and enrich your lives as well.

Read in Order to Live

Write in Order to Breathe

Speak in Order to Thrive

PS You can soon expect a blog that will feature pictures of the newly awakened Neverland. This blog is just a filler until I can remember to bring my camera to school.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

My Life

Good things going on in my life:
"How I Met Your Mother"--great new sitcom we're watching. Suit up!
Forts--building forts in the livingroom is so much fun
Moody Brews--a great coffee shop where we can access the internet
Saturday--just because it only comes once a week
Furniture--putting a couch and armchair in my classroom has made the room so much more homey and cozy
Marriage--I love it

So-so things going on in my life:
Tater-tot casserole-- I made it for Jenn's birthday, which was great, but the food not so much
My hair--I'm getting really bored with my long hair. Should I cut it, layer it, style it?
"The Price Is Right" show--watching it once in a while when you get to ditch work is great, but every day not so much

Blah things going in my life:
My kitchen floor--I mop it, but it still has stains and just brings the appearance of the whole kitchen down a few notches
Lucille the orchid--she just hasn't bloomed in awhile and I'm worried about her
Word hunger--doesn't really affect me, but we need to be reminded of it because it is a blah thing in this world

Monday, August 13, 2007

End of an Era

This is it: vacation Fauf is growing old. Soon she will be retiring until December. She's had a great summer, experienced lots of exciting things, stayed up late and slept in, and did all the things expected of vacation Fauf. But now her time here is almost at a close. And soon a new Fauf will emerge...

This is vacation Fauf's last week of existence. Next week Fauf goes back to her school where she will revive Neverland. (Another blog on that later). So this being vacation Fauf's last week, she needs to live it up. Here is a tentative schedule of her last week. Feel free to chime in any suggestions.

Monday: 1. write. She's working on a story that needs some help. It's great, but she still hasn't pinpointed the main problem/solution of the plot. 2. Go see "Becoming Jane" with vacation Courtney who will soon become China Courts again. 3. Stay up late.

Tuesday: 1. paint. She has this sketch for the third painting of her trilogy she's done. 2. Take out a former student for ice cream. This may help merge the two Faufs together. 3. Stay up late.

Wednesday: 1. write some more and hope that she comes to a solid plot. 2. Play Scrabble. 3. Stay up late.

Thursday: 1. Spend the day with hubby since he'll be returning to his classroom on Fri. 2. Make Jenn bday brownies. 3. Stay up late.

Friday: 1. Check into the Neverland graveyard. She needs to assess the situation before she gives herself to the classroom again. 2. Have a moment of silence as she lets vacation Fauf retire. 3. Stay up late.

Weekends never should be scheduled, so they will not be mentioned here. All those who would like to bid vacation Fauf adieu, do so soon.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Our One Month Anniversary

Yes, that's right, we've been married one month. Today is the 7th and we were married on the 7th. I feel no more explanation is needed. So...there you go.

S ummer vacation has been that much sweeter since we've been married
E very morning we wake up next to each other, and end the day together
V ery much has changed and some things have stayed the same
E njoying SCRABBLE, painting, and writing are a few things that occupy our days
N est, our favorite place to be

In the last month here are some places we've been and people we've seen:
Carmel, the honey moon
Disneyland, that magical kingdom
Waller Park, great ambiance for SCRABBLE playing
Tahoe, gambling and the great outdoors

Donna, the art matron who inspired us in Carmel
Parker, who has shown his face twice at the Nest and who claims he wants to buy my painting
The Cass, who calls Uncle Michael silly and Aunt Farah a princess
The Shaw family, who have enthusiastically welcomed me into the family

Thursday, August 02, 2007

August Confessions

Confession: I have never played slot machines until Tahoe
Confession: I did not know that slot machines were really games for adults
Confession: I was surprised at how much I enjoyed playing these adult games
Confession: I won around $300
Confession: This is a new side of Fauf