Confessions of a Fauf

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Always Winter, Never Christmas

"It is she who has made it always winter and never Christmas!"--Mr. Tumnus

This is how I feel right now. It is quite freezing, feeling quite alot like winter and a lot like Narnia--minus the snow. Now I have never actually been to Narnia, but I do feel Mr. Tumnus' pain because it is not Christmas here yet. It's not even December! Unlike Mr. Tumnus, I do have the promise of Christmas, for I know that December is mere days aways, and that Parker has officially called Christmas, and that our school is performing their Christmas musical this weekend. But's winter and not Christmas...yet.

Alsan is on the move!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

I Feel It In My Fingers, I Feel It In My Toes

"Christmas is all around us, and so the feeling grows!"

I am not sure what the deal is with me, but I'm really excited about Christmas. No, that's an understatement. Im pretty much overly, exaggeratedly excited about Christmas. I always get excited about Christmas, but this year much much more...and I'm not really sure why. Usually Christmas approaches too quickly out of the blue and takes me some time getting used to it. But this year I am so ready for it to be Christmas, I can hardly stand it! Maybe it has to do with living in Santa Maria where the cool weather eases you into the holiday spirit much easier than the hot weather down south does. Or maybe it's because I am not sure what my holiday adventures will be like in a new town. Who knows. But I just know that the moment I walked into Starbucks, I felt holiday cheer warm my soul. And that when I walked into Target, my eyes lit with holiday delight. And that if Parker does not call Christmas soon, I am going to put coal in his stocking.

Thursday, November 09, 2006


Today at school was Disney dress-up day. The kids were supposed to dress as any Disney character they wanted. Well, being the creative Nazi that I am, I organized the class so that we all dressed to the theme of Neverland (because that is my class theme). We had a Peter Pan, a Hook (who wore a ridiculously funny black wig that kept falling in his face), an adorable Tinker Bell, a Tiger Lily, and even a crocodile (who wore a full crocodile costume and painted his face green!). The rest of the kids were pirates, indians, fairies, lost boys, and one mermaid. I was Wendy, of course, because I am pretty much their mother away from home and I tell them lots of stories. To say the least, we were the hit of the school. (I would show you pictures, but I don't have a digital camera. So if you wish to see pictures of my life featured on this blog, then someone be a creative Nazi and organize everyone to buy me a camera for Christmas. Believe me, organization gets things done!)

Happy thoughts to you!

Monday, November 06, 2006

Farewell, October

Another month is gone, fluttering away like the autumn leaves. It's time to recap October, spread a laugh, shed a tear, sing adieu. (and end this ridiculously sappy blog)

Odd weather that changed sometimes three times a day
Candy everywhere and their wrappers in even more places
Trips down south to visit friends and family
Orange and black and brown and red
Birthday surprises, the best being Disneyland
Enya, choice of music to help with all my stress
Ridiculously great people in my life (ie. Michael, Jenn, Parker)