Confessions of a Fauf

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Vacation Fauf

FINALLY! Today was the last day of school until '08. Michael has been on vacation since last Friday. And I have had to get out of bed the past few mornings while he got to stay in our cozy bed. Then I had to go to school, one day which turned out to be a RAINY day. What are the odds? But enough complaining. I must say I had a delightful last day with those little munchkins. And I enjoyed seeing their shocked faces when I told them, "I'll see you next year!" That blew their minds. When I saw that they were not recovering from their shock, I quickly assured them that next year wasn't that long away! I think they left feeling a bit insecure that they wouldn't see their adoring teacher for a very long time. I'm sure by Christmas day they will have forgotten all about me. That's okay...I've almost nearly forgotten them. (just kidding...I think this class I might actually miss.)

So here I stand on the brink of my two-week vacation. I am excited, but at this point I'm really just wanting to get some rest. That will have to wait...tomorrow we head for the homeland and the Drazin homestead, where rest only comes in the dead of night. And even then it might be hard to get when you're sleeping on a mattress in the little brother's bedroom. (He's being kicked out to the livingroom for the time we're there.) Despite it all, the Christmas season is upon us, so let's pop another Hershey mint KISS, tie another bow, and count those presents one more time!

Monday, December 10, 2007

To Any Grinches Out There

Can we be any more into this Holiday Season? I've pulled out my red and black and gray wardrobe; the Nest is decked to its halls; I've baked up a storm of Christmas goodies; Michael and I have already shopped, wrapped, and opened some gifts; I attended the first Christmas performance of the year (our school pageant. I had to watch it twice because my class was a part of it); I've already been to TWO Christmas parties so far; AND the weather has been exceptionally wintry! (Parker, you should hail the weather with me! Was not Friday and Saturday superb?) So just in case you are in a Grinchy mood right now, I am writing this blog to remind you that the holiday season is upon us and it is time to embrace it whole-heartedly! Don that red sweater! Guzzle down that hot chocolate! Wrap that gift! And for God's sake be merry!

PS I recommend all of the above holiday practices except for attending the school Christmas program...unless of course you want to chuckle at children trying to shrug during one of the songs and instead looking like they're spazzing!

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

"Happy Hanukkah, Monica!"

In case you did not know (for I would not know this if it were not for my hubby), tonight starts Hanukkah (not even sure if I spelled it right!). It's lovely to light the manora, read up on those Macabees, etc. But honestly, I am most excited about the presents. We get eight nights of them, aside from Christmas. It's a good thing we don't have kids yet; some fine example I'd be to them! Anyways, being the creative dorks that we are, Michael and I assigned themes to each night. Tonight's theme is "Something for the Tummy", which means to imply something to eat, something yummy, etc. I'm quite excited about giving Michael his gift: a giant pizza from Andy's, the one he's been driving everyone crazy about! And I am quite curious as to what my gift will's in a little box in a very cute knitted bag. I think we got into the wrapping almost as much as got into the shopping. Michael wrapped all of his gifts to me in this earthy blue and white theme. The gift bags have leather straps, etc. I wrapped all his gifts in a bright red and green theme with snowflakes and triangular Christmas trees. Hooray for Hanukkah and Christmas and all other things delightful in December (including Christmas vacation soon to come!)

PS. This blog's title is line from Phoebe's Christmas song on FRIENDS

Saturday, December 01, 2007

New Visitors

So lately there's been all this talk about Christmas coming, especially to the Nest. Well, Christmas may have come to the Nest, but I am here today to tell you that Christopher has also come to the Nest. For Thanksgiving, Cass and Toey came to the Nest. Toey came and took a nap on our bed and Cass sat in our bathroom and had her nails painted. They enjoyed all the Christmas decorations. Later when we asked Cass where Auntie Fauf and Uncle Ig lived, she said, "At the Nest!"