Confessions of a Fauf

Monday, July 30, 2007

Time to Go

I'm reading this book called "The Time Traveler's Wife". Very interesting, a bit gritty, not sure what to make of it, but it is getting better. It's about this guy who can time travel, and how it affects his relationship with the love of his life. (Supposedly there's going to be a movie based on it next year. So if you have always seen this book in the bookstore and wondered if you should read it like I did, do it now so at least you can be an informed and educated viewer next year at the movie theater.)

But reading this book has made me think about time travel, if it's something worth thinking about, and wondering that if I could time travel where I would go. (If you're about to quote Kip from "Napoleon Dynamite", stop right there...I already did it in my head). So here are some places in time I might revisit:

Summer 1994: building tree houses with my neighborhood friends
Summer 2003: Mission trip to Hungary and Rome
August 2005: Michael and my meeting
December 2006: Michael proposes to me
July 2007: Michael and my wedding day

Where would you go?

Saturday, July 21, 2007

The New Addition to the Nest

Let me just tell you about the new Writing Room at the Nest. It is finally cleaned and tidied and decorated and prepped for enjoyment. It is a very enlightening room. You walk in and noticed one large clock and one very small Hungarian clock below it, both telling time just to remind you of it. There are three book shelves crammed with books of all topics, from Lemony Snicket to Shakespeare. There are relics from the past, like a Chinese wall hanging and an old typewriter. There are different options of seating of varying degrees of comfort. If you feel the need to be straighbacked and focused, then the desk chair is best for you. If you would like a comfortable seat that will make you feel stately, then sit in the red chair with a treacherous lean. And if you just want to spend the day languishing with a book, then steal the bed and pillows. Indeed the Writing Room is very inviting...however, be ye warned: do NOT open the closet, for all the magic will escape!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Being Married

Many may wonder what in the world my life is about these days, being I have been in hiding as it seems. "The wedding is over, so what in the world can she possibly be doing with her life?" you may be asking. The answer is simple: being married. "And what does that entail?" you may further ponder.

Well, it entails a lot of delightful things:
Setting up the Nest and making it more homey
Waking up every morning with my best friend
Learning to use all my new appliances and kitchen ware
Trying to get a handle on all of Michael's laundry
Going away to Disneyland and staying in a motel because now we can
And a few other delightful things that shall remain as unmentionables

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Sneak Peek

Syllables of my life:

Sunday, July 01, 2007

The End

This is the week to end all weeks. This is the week of lasts. I stand on the threshold of a new life. Dramatic? Yes, it is dramatic, but then this is a dramatic week. Here is the list of lasts:

This is the last week I will sleep at the Flying Dutchess
This is the last week I will be called Farah Drazin
This is the last week I will have a bathroom all to myself
This is the last week I will have to say goodbye to Michael at the end of the day
This is the last week that people will be obsessed with me
This is the last week people will ask if I'm excited about the wedding
This is the last week I will have my toothpaste all to myself
This is the last week I will have an excuse to spend lots of money
And this is the last week I will have to live apart from my best friend Michael

Let the week commence!