Confessions of a Fauf

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Beautiful Dreamer

Dreams are a funny thing. Now I'm not talking about dreams like what Martin Luther King Jr. had, or some of the dreams about being a vet that my students have. I'm talking about those little episodes you have at night while you sleep. I've been having weird dreams lately this week. I know that seems silly to point out, given that most dreams by nature are weird. But I have never been one to have very adventurous dreams or dreams even worth retelling the next morning. I remember when I was little and shared a room with my sister, every morning we would share our dreams. She always had dreams that were full-blown adventures involving villains and strange places and quests. After she'd go on and on recounting her adventure, I'd simply say, "I had a dream that I found this purse in a parking lot." Or "I had a dream that I couldn't find my shoes." I mean, how boring is that! Once in a great while I'll have dreams worth recounting. And this week they might be worth recounting only because they're so ridiculous:

So the other night I had this dream that Simba from Lion King was etched on my wall. He symbolized some old ancient thing. And then he came to life and that kinda freaked me out....until he started singing some classic Broadway song that I can't remember....he sang in this deep Elvis voice!

Then there was this dream a few nights ago where I had to go to work and couldn't find anything to wear in my closet, so I just wore a bedsheet, which was quite embarrassing...

Oh, and then there was this dream where it started to rain inside the classroom, and I had to give all the students umbrellas to hold over their desks so their work wouldn't get wet! And I wore rain boots...

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Ten Things I Love About April

So here it is already April. Do you realize that we're now four months into this so-called "new year" of 2008? We are a third through it already. Kinda crazy. But I'm not going to focus on that now. What I'm going to focus on are the great things about April. Let's think for a minute and come up with a good list of what makes April such a great month...

1. It's officially a spring month. No matter when Easter falls, April will always at least be a spring month.

2. It marks the beginning of the end for school. Just two more months to go from this point.

3. Fauf's birthday

4. If you were to put the months into alphabetical order, April would be first.

5. Fauf's birthday

6. Spring colors are in full swing, along with flowers blooming, fuzzy chicks, and all those other things that make you feel fresh and new.

7. Fauf's birthday

8. The good movies of the year start peeping out. And the really good movies will be hitting theaters in just one month.

9. Fauf's birthday

10. And last but not least, Fauf's birthday!

See? I could come up with at least ten good, varied ideas of why April is so great. How about you?