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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

A Beautiful List

I recently heard of a conversation between two friends about the benefits of relationships. The one friend who was not currently in a relationship gave his list of why it's great to be in a relationship. He had some very romantic reasons. The one friend who was currently in a relationship gave a very economical/practical reason. Both friends had good reasons for why relationships are so great. Here are my reasons based on a wonderful relationship I have with an AMAZING guy.

1. Your phone rings frequently, which makes you feel like the most popular person

2. You get special gifts like flowers and goofy but wonderfully sappy cards

3. You have a hand to hold

4. You have someone who brings out the best in you because he thinks the best of you

5. You have a prayer partner in life

6. You have someone to laugh with

7. You have someone to be honest and yourself with

8. You have someone to think about who is more than worthy of your thoughts

9. You have someone to risk things for

10. You have someone to walk with you through this beautiful thing called life

(These reasons are completely partial and prejudiced based solely on the great relationship God has blessed me with, and the great Michael Shaw. You may have completely different reasons why you enjoy relationships. I will not judge you.)


Blogger Michael said...

I'm totally judging you right now. You are too much.

12:37 AM  

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