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Friday, February 09, 2007

Setting the Tone

I'm getting good vibes from February. Last week when my life was not so charmed but rather hellish, I had my doubts about February, wondering if that hellish week was setting the tone for a hellish month. But of course that couldn't be entirely possible since I usually have a maximum of seven hellish days every so often and not hellish blocks of days (ie a month). But still, I didn't have a good outlook on February. But now as my life has returned to its charming state, I am getting good vibes that this month will be a great month. Here are the signs:

1. Michael and I had a great weekend last week, and are promised another great weekend tomorrow, kicking things off with our February date.

2. My parents and two of my siblings are coming up to visit President's weekend. The Drazin's are invading Santa Maria!

3. Valentine's Day is next week, which mean lots of candy, love-struck students, and treats for the sweet.

4. This month is very short, which makes the countdown to our wedding even shorter!

5. Parker wants to be my friend, for real this time.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

So little February now looks good- with fun,family,
friends, and a great fiance....Who could ask for anything more!

4:05 PM  

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