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Sunday, August 20, 2006


This week I was blessed to see my little second cousin Finnian who lives with his mom (my cousin Jessica) and his dad (Jessica's husband Christopher) in Salinas. (I don't know why I had to clarify the relations, but while we're clarifying them, I must say that we were teaching Finn to call me Auntie Fauf, tho I am his second cousin. But we thought I was deserving of some title because I adore him so and hope to invest in his little life!) Now from the pictures you can tell two things: first that he is adorable, and second that I adore him. And let me just say this: Finn is a little charmer. He loves people, he deliberately poses for a camera, he is fascinated by everything in this world, and he is so much fun to be around. (Of course I don't live with him and have to take care of him every waking hour, but still....I wouldn't mind having him as my own. GASP Did I just say that? I don't really mean it. So if he ever gets kidnapped--God forbid--don't look at me as a suspect.) But I do have a secret agenda: I think I should arrange a betrothal between Finnian and the ever endearing Cass. They're two of the cutest babies currently living....


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i second the motion...finnian and cass ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
rest up and enjoy the last days of summer. hope to see you soon (and your cute new place) love suz (yes sister to igmaster)

6:32 PM  
Blogger Michael said...

Ohh how cute... I love those two... And by two I mean the two featured in the pictures here. And yes, I do love the Cass too.

9:54 PM  

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