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Monday, February 27, 2006


I never thought nothingness could be so beautiful. This past weekend was the first weekend in over a month that I had NO plans. It was a lovely feeling to do whatever I wanted whenever I wanted. But of course Fauf days, even ones of nothingness, always turn out somewhat full with a tinge of productivity. Here's how my day of nothingness turned out:
9:00--woke up and lay in bed thinking for 20 minutes because that's what Faufs do best
9:30--was overtaken by an impulse to clean things out and get rid of things. I sorted through my jewelry box and a bottom desk drawer that has no idea who it is or what its purpose is because I keep misc. things in it.
10:00--cleaned my bathroom
10:15--wrote a letter to a long lost pen pal in Washington. She had sent me a Xmas card.
10:30--ate Honeycomb cereal
10:45--wrote the play for 2nd graders' chapel that is in two weeks and two days (AH!)
12:00--journaled and experimented with a typed journal on my laptop. Don't like it. I'll stick to old fashioned writing with pen and parchment.
1:00--called Michael who was having a day of nothingness as well. Gosh, we're very much alike. Love it!
2:45--the reception broke off and Michael and I were disconnected--oh the trials of phone dating!
3:00--I realized I just did something I have never done (except in cases of extreme illness): I was still in my pajamas!
3:05--I moved on from the revelation and got showered and dressed
3:30--I headed to Barns and Noble where I read, journaled, and talked to Michael (it's ridiculous we have to be miles apart!)
6:45--I went to Albertson's for some Ben and Jerry's ice cream. I wanted my fave (choc peppermint cookie), but had to settle for Half-Baked (Lowie's fave)
7:15--I made stir fry
7:45--Lowie came over, we ate, and watched Elizabethtown
8:30--I had another revelation and figured out why I like Elizabethtown so much.
9:45--We watched Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants
11:45--We watched delated scenes from Mr. Mrs. Smith. The extended scene of John and Eddie's conversation is hilarious! I love xtra features
12:30--We watched fave scenes from the same movie
1:30--We realized it's ridiculous for us to be up this late, so we went to sleep!

So I guess in the end, my day of nothingness became a day of somethingness that was quite the wonderfulnest!


Blogger Michael said...

The truth---I totally bought Mr. and Mrs. Smith today.

7:41 PM  

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