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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Valentine Delights

Valentine's day has come and gone. Many people asked me yesterday what Michael was doing for Valentine's. I told them for us it was already past because we had celebrated it over the weekend. So yesterday was reserved for my ten little second graders. Despite the hyperness in the group at the onset of the day, Valentine's turned out quite delightful. Here is a quick list of highlights:
1. At line up Arian cracked me up when she told me she had a dream in which I was very FAT!
2. Nathan gave me a Chronicles of Narnia Valentine with Alsan on it
3. Topanga gave me a little Valentine addressed to my whole family
4. We ate ice cream with all the great toppings
5. One of the toppings was sprinkles--my favorite word and topping!
6. My kids unconsciously reinacted my fave scene from Finding Neverland when they tried to fly a kite in the recess yard
7. After the ice cream party, Arian said, "Miss Drazin, you're fun...and funny!"
To say the least, this Valentine's day was filled with a good measure of magic!


Blogger Michael said...

Your kids were unconscious!? Or do you mean they inadvertently reenacted the scene?

5:48 PM  

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