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Friday, April 24, 2009

Breaking Into Print

Last weekend we went and saw that movie State of Play (really great movie BTW). In the movie, Russel Crow works for the Washington Post, so alot of the movie takes place in this enormous newspaper office. There are reporters typing away in their messy personalized cubicles, interns running around making copies, and editors shooting sassy comments and slashing paragraphs. Very exciting work place! Which of course got me thinking...why did I not pursue journalism? In college, my first year, I debated majoring in journalism, but went into teaching (obviously that was God's plan and I have no beef with Him over it). Still I can't help but daydream about working for an important newspaper. Or even getting to write daily and see my writing in print. ::sigh:: I was thinking of trying to live that a little in my own personal life. So in case you see the following strange behavior from Fauf the next couple weeks, do not be alarmed...I am only living out my daydream.

Some strange behavior to be spotted:
1. Red correction marks on your facebook comments, emails, or birthday cards (just correcting those grammatical errors)

2. Fauf's usually tidy office becoming a maze of stacked newspapers, and her tidy desk littered with papers and a greasy computer

3. "Whaddya got for me?" will be her new greeting on her voice mail

4. All conversations with Fauf (even those friendly chats at Starbucks) will be recorded with a concealed recorder

5. Finally a pen on a string will be the necklace of her choice


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Someone once said, that writing is 1/10th
inspiration and 9/10ths perspiration... You're a gifted writer. Keep it up- mess, necklace pens, and all.

12:53 PM  

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