Confessions of a Fauf

Friday, September 15, 2006


Now that I have just finished my third week of being around these 26 children a ridiculous number of hours in those three weeks, I am getting to know them better--the good and the bad. They have also made me laugh more because their personalities and other idiosyncracies are emerging to the surface--again the good and bad. Pause with me and lets share a few giggles at them:

"I told Shanelle she's not the darn boss of me!"--Colin

Question: if you had a treasure, what would it be and where would you hide it?
Jonah's written response: my treasure would be a penguin and I'd keep him in Antarctica.

CRASH! Chloe is on the floor pinned beneath her chair.
Me: Chloe, are you okay? Please get up.
Chloe: I can't, Miss Drazin, I'm kinda stuck!


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