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Saturday, July 22, 2006

Blood, Sweat, and Tears

I never thought moving could be such hard work. And until this week I didn't know it would make my top list of the top most hard-workish activities.

5. Kick-boxing class
4. Taking care of a household
3. High-maintenance friends
2. MOVING--includes cleaning, packing, loading, driving, unloading, arranging, etc. (espcially within a 48-hr time frame)
1. Yard work

I have had some people assure me that this list will change as I go through life. I have no doubt. In a few weeks my list could look like this:

5. Keeping long-distance friendships
4. Doing laundry
3. Teaching 3rd grade
2. Navigating through Santa Maria
1. Finding faults in Michael (I still doubt he has any)

Then in 5-10 years my list could look like this:

5. Losing baby weight
4. Housework
3. Budgeting household finances
2. Taking care of babies--small children
1. Planning dates with my husband

So I guess in the grand scope of life and all things hard-workish, my current list of hard-workish activities is as easy as it's going to get. I better live it up!

PS A few thanks are in order to those who assisted me in the hard work of moving:
Mom: thank you for helping me pack, for expertly packing the U-HAUL trailer, for being a supermom
Lisa: for hauling the trailer, driving me up so SM, for being a great friend
Michael: for helping me unload, for packing your car with my stuff and putting it in the apart. last week, for the roses and sweet card
Parker: for helping me unload all my ridiculous stuff, for leaving comments on my blog again, for going to see a scary movie with us that turned out to be silly
Andrew: for helping to take things from the trailer into my room (otherwise known as unloading), for letting me buy you coffee Americano, for being a fun guy to hang out with
Jenn: for leaving me a welcoming note on my mirror, for coming to see a movie about some weird lady in the water, for bringing me up to date on 'Anchorman'


Blogger Jen said...

The Flying Duchess it is. But can we at least save the Vile Cannon as a back up? I can't believe that you are moving here in less than a week!!! I am very excited! Lets hope there aren't any weird ladies in our pool...

7:59 PM  
Blogger Michael said...

I hope that there are less tears and blood---and well for that matter less sweat now that Santa Maria is your home land. Cause--well it's honestly not that hot here. You are allowed to cry, just not that much, that's my job. And the blood, you can just keep it in your body, no need to spill it just yet.

Yeah the temp here is a moderate 78-86 at tops. Yeah... I miss you, I eagerly await your arrival. (that sounded very much like a holy quote)

9:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Uhm, it was 96 degrees today michael. I am just aying. Farah, good choice on the pirate name. Welcome to Santa Maria! and as for navigating Santa maria...well, i have lived here for 22 years and i still have some troubles...just ask your boyfriend.

11:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Farrrrrrrahhhhh! Yay, you are now a Santa Maria-an! And, if you really want to know any faults in Michael I can tell you a lot....but there is nothing major, just a lot of random traits that can only be expressed by a sister! :) Anyway good luck with everything! yay!

love, Lisa Ahlgren
aka Shaw :)

6:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I assure Michael Richard Shaw (otherwise known as "Ig") does have faults...but I also assure you he is in fact a swell guy and a great bro. love suz
p.s. welcome to the Central Coast.
p.p.s. now it makes my trips to sm more interesting (o;

10:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i assure you michael richard shaw (a.k.a. Ig) does in fact have faults...but i aslo assure you he is a swell guy and great lil bro. look forward to seeing you in sm. it'll make my trips up more exciting and should you miss SoCal the OC is here for you! love ya girl, suz

10:05 PM  

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