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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Dreams Within Dreams

I've been living in surreal moments all week.

1. Spring vacation begins officially Thurs. at 3:00pm when my 11 dahling students who I love but am sick of march out the Neverland House (my class) to their parents. While I am most definitely ready for vacation and have been anticipating it for days (as my students have too), it still seems surreal that it begins tomorrow!

2. I will be relaxing in Santa Maria officially beginning Saturday night when I speed into town. Again I have been anticipating this coming week for many days, but it's still surreal.

3. My birthday is officially Sunday, but with all these other things to anticipate, this fact is merely...surreal!

4. My sister leaves for the islands of Belize Thurs. night for a week-long mission trip. (pray for her) I'm taking her to LAX and she will be gone on this trip...without me! (a first) This is very surreal.

5. And last but definitely NOT least is the most exciting and most anticipated event of all these. I will see Michael Thursday night! There has been much turmoil in making our meeting possible, but finally we have a plan that will bring us together! This is extremely surreal.

Thank God for surreal moments, for they soon will be realities!


Blogger Bilg said...

FAAAAAAAAAAF, tanks for the comment! As soon as I get the hang of it, my blog will run like steads! I hope you like my gift on your birthday, because if you don't I'll put you in a body bag!

7:14 PM  
Blogger Michael said...

Reality Number 1. Michael and Farah will meet with a loving embrace in less than 24 hours.

Reality Number 2. Michael will ride on a stinky bus for over 4 hours.

Reality Number 3. Farah will sit in a classroom, probably filled with stinky children or rather stinky desks covered in shaving cream.

Reality Number 4. Noel will be strangely absent for another of Michael's visits. Is it just me or Noel really a CIA Agent with my dad?

11:04 PM  

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