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Monday, March 06, 2006

Voices in My Head

I've heard a lot of voices in my head today. Nothing to be alarmed of--they are pefectly normal voices, though I am not sure how human. I've had to call my loan lenders to straighten out a little problem. It's a huge company, so when I call them, I am given a huge list of menu options to choose from to better direct my call. The problem is, the list is so long (like 9 options, each option for like three different questions you might have). So by the time I listen to the whole list and finally figure out into which category my question fits, I forget the number of the menu option I need. Then I dial operator because I would much rather talk to a real human voice than an automated voice attempting to be human. When I push 0 for operator, the inhuman (and borderline inhumane--it is a little mean) tells me that is not an option. Amazingly I do end up selecting an option, and amazingly I do get a real human voice on the other end. We talk, she sounds like she doesn't understand my question, so she transfers (always a taboo word on the phone) me to a more qualified voice. But that qualified voice is busy, so its stand-in inhuman(e) voice tells me to call back later! This is very frustrating for two reasons: I don't have all the time in the world, and I don't know how to get back to the qualified voice I am supposed to talk to because I've heard so many other voices in my head! Maybe I should hire someone to be my head for a day. Anybody interested?


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