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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Eight Nights of Goodness

Not only is Christmas over, but Hanukkah (for us) is over too. So here's the list of great, creative, and questionably-priced gifts.

Night 1 Something for the Senses: Michael encompassed all 5 senses in this gift. Smell: bouquet of roses. Look: a great coat I didn't think I'd get. Taste: dinner at the Hitching Post. Hear: a burned CD of all my fave songs to listen to as I drive. Touch: hugs and kisses, etc. :)

Night 2 Something for the Cottage: a nice blanket for guests who stay with us and want to be cozy.

Night 3: Something for the Bedroom: a coupon book of delightful things, including breakfast in bed.

Night 4: Something for the Hobby: a new version of Scrabble, called Scrabble Me. Very fun.

Night 5: Something Doodle-Loopy: a homemade Pictionary game.

Night 6: Something for the Mind: a the first Lemony Snicket book. I have the whole series, but someone borrowed my first book and never returned it. Hooray, the collection is complete again!

Night 7: Something for the Memories: a framed picture of us on our wedding day, along with a printout of our vows! I definitely teared up over this one.

Night 8: Something for Vacation: a gift certificate for Netflix!

Needless to say, it was a great Hanukkah!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congratulations on getting so many surprise and fav things to enjoy... Wow what a holiday list! Now get back to cleaning and packing em all up!

2:16 PM  
Blogger Susie (Shaw) Fitler said...

now that is A LOT of gifts. i think i will take on this tradition and aspect of my faith....does this mean embracing barbra streisand as well?

10:31 PM  
Blogger Morgan Jane said...

What a fun Hannukah for you! I'm glad that you had so much fun with your hubby.

9:15 PM  

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