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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

In the words of Rafikki, "It is time!"

I'm so excited for this day!

It's not Christmas

It's not my birthday

It's not even the first day of vacation

It's VOTING day!

Let me tell you why I'm excited:

1. I get to sneak into one of those booths and make private decisions that no one knows about until I share it
2. I get one of those stickers that makes me feel patriotic
3. All the candidate publicity is OVER--whew!
4. We get to start over with a new president
5. Starbucks and Blue Sky Coffee give out free coffee for voting

Enough said? I think so.

Sooo....go VOTE!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Blue Sky or Starbucks? Geeze now I've got yet another decision to make.... Maybe I'll go to both and simply not work at all today. XXX Burned Out Voter

8:42 AM  

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