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Thursday, November 13, 2008

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I've been considering lately how much I could really use a personal assistant. Trust me when I say I want one for sole practical use, and not as a status symbol. I used to mock celebrities and rich busy people who hire assistants for their so-called busy lives. But I really think I could use one. And I do believe I would make a great boss to work for. I would allow the assistant to have weekends off, every evening off at 6pm, and special holidays off. I would also treat my assistant regularly to Starbucks treats. And I would never yell.
Here is the job description:
1. Answering my phone and taking messages, especially from unknown numbers
2. Keeping in contact with my loan officer, my realtor, and my jobs
3. Keeping my art cart organized and stocked for each lesson
4. Filing legal documents, organizing mail, and informing me of my appointments
5. Running any extra errands

Please apply online.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Have 5 children soon and assign one job to each or
simply hire your husband at minimum wage...

2:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Susie might apply if there are med benefits and a hunk included

3:20 PM  

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