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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Premiering Soon

Sometimes I feel like my life is a sitcom, especially the part of my life that involves living with my fabulous roomie Jen. The other night we were watching Gilmore Girls and couldn't help noticing how we would very easily fit into that world. Then we started talking about how our roomie life would make a great sitcom. And I mentioned that I think I would like to write a sitcom someday, so why not start gathering material for it now. Really that's what sitcoms are: a writer's funny perception of real life. So Jenn and I decided that we should start writing our sitcom over the next 6 months of our living together. We have some great characters (me, her, two Michaels, a Hough, a crazy neighbor, and jobs). We have great settings (our place the 'Flying Dutchess', the Michaels' place 'The Black Pearl', Jen's bank, my classroom, our small town). And of course we have plenty of witty dialogue and adventurous lives. What more do we need for a great sitcom?

Maybe just a title. Submit your ideas!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"A Wearying, Whimsical World"
"How Parker met His Wife"
"Santa Maria Revisited"
"Stealth: or How I Learned To Avoid the Ruinous Boredom of Small Town Life"
"Pirates in and Adventure With Santa Maria" (some copyright laws may be infringed on this one)
"The Brave Pirates of Santa Maria"
"Pirates Coast"
"Neverland and the Real World"

4:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's true. We live a sitcom. How about "Livin' the Dream, Santa Maria"

4:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

How about "Drazin's World" or" The Pirate and Pearl"-
(Shaw and You)?

6:14 PM  

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