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Friday, January 26, 2007

A Nutshell

Just thought like I needed to recap this week, not because it was particularly thrilling, but because I feel like it was a great week! So here's my week in a nutshell.

Mon: Teaching. Had two kids out sick, God save us! Had dinner with my co-worker Marisa (she does exist and is delightful, contrary to other opinions set forth by certain fiances.)

Tue: Took a day off to observe classes at May Grisham. Mrs. Hough is amazing! And I came away feeling more confident in my teaching, having seen other teachers doing the same things I do! Yay! That night had dinner with Michael at one of his preschooler's homes. Me and the toddler bonded. (Sigh, I miss the Cass)

Wed: Teaching. One of my kids said to me, "Miss Drazin, do you know that when you get married you have to be ready for the possibility of pregnancy?" I wanted to assure him that I would be taking precautions, but thought that was too much info for a 3rd grader! Also that night hung out with Jenn, Cherylynn, Brittany and Hannah. Delightful time!

Thur: Teaching. A fire crew came and did a demo for my class. They brought this cute trailer with miniature rooms in which they taught about fire safetly. Kind of amazing! That night made breakfast and watched Gilmore Girls with the roomie (some, namely Parker, condemned such an action as 'unspiritual'. We were fellowshipping, that has spiritual value!)

Fri. Teaching. I have to host chapel because the principal is absent. We'll see how that goes in...about 15 minutes! My day isn't over yet!

Hurray for recapping weeks


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a full packed week! Now relax and have a fun filled weekend..You deserve it after all that!

5:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

A packed week indeed. I hope you enjoy the weekend..It's all about the weekend!

5:23 PM  

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