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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

A Walk to Remember

Contrary to assumptions made by the title of this blog, this is not a tribute to the book by Nicholas Sparks or the movie starring Mandy Moore. No, this is a tribtute to real-life individuals who have been spotted walking along the streets of Santa Maria. It's a bit ridiculous to be so enamored by people walking as a part of their daily lives. Pretty much on every other continent of the world walking is the number one method of commuting. But here in America it has almost become a nostalgic activity. Power to those of the footage!

Professor ?: Almost every morning as I head to work, I pass an elderly gentleman walking down Jones toward Bradley. He is dressed in a tweed suit and is always reading a hardback book as he walks. Is he a literature professor walking to his class, reading the great works of Faulkner? Is he a political science professor reading Virtual War?

Mr. and Mrs. ?: Today I saw an elderly couple walking up Santa Maria Way toward Hillview. When I returned to campus, I saw they had made it halfway up Hillview and were passing my school. The man was dressed in a suit and tie. The woman was very petite and wearing a blue floral dress and red velvet blazer. Are they members of some cult, spreading their cultish ways in the neighborhood? Are they out for a reminiscent walk in their Sunday best?

Firemen in Training: Sometimes on my way to work I see some firemen-in-training jogging across Hancock campus. Rain or shine, they're running. Some look like they were born to be firemen, while others will have to work harder. Props to our future preservers of the earth!


Blogger Michael said...

Humff... I see an old man walking down the street every day too... He's a little more crazy looking I think, but yeah...

6:02 PM  

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