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Friday, October 06, 2006

A New Seat

This afternoon after school, I rearranged the seating in my classroom. I moved every desk to a new spot in the room. I did this for a couple reasons: 1. some children needed to be moved away from certain other children so that they could study better. 2. I simply got bored looking at the same faces in the same spots of the room. 3. It's good for kids to be moved and have a different view of the room. I'm kinda excited for Monday to see them all in new areas, although it will throw me off for a day or so. I'm sure I'll call Chloe's name and be staring blankly at Jordan. Or lose my equillibrium when I hear Emma's voice on a different side of the room. But it will still be something new and exciting. Change is always good.

Which made me wonder, as I dragged desks all around, that maybe these are the reasons God moves us around in life. Maybe we need to be removed from certain other people who are not good for us. Or maybe He just gets bored seeing us complacent in the same spot. Or maybe we need to be challenged with a new view of life. I guess I shouldn't fuss so much when He does move me around and change things in my life.

I sure hope my students don't make a fuss come Monday morning!


Blogger JazMarie said...

that's so funny! I rearranged my students seats on Friday too! I was thinking a lot of the same things you did.

(p.s. I'm a friend of Michael's, not a random stalker or anything :O)

5:23 PM  
Blogger Michael said...

Listen... Your class is kind of amazing, honestly, I'm sitting at your desk and I feel so empowered. But listen, your kids need to stop throwing little pieces of paper on the floor. It is a little extreme on the ground here.

4:22 PM  

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