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Sunday, February 08, 2009

Pearls for You

Whew! We FINALLY got our house. We're moved in and are reaping the fruits of our long labor in getting it. In keeping with the trend of this ridiculous escrow, we didn't get final confirmation of the house until the LAST minute of the LAST day. Now that I am a homeowner who endured the ugly process, I feel obliged to warn my fellow house-seekers, or anyone entertaining the thought. Please learn from my ridiculous escrow:

1. Do NOT use North American Title Company for your escrow company (very slow and careless)
2. Use an in-county escrow service b/c each county has different rules for closing a house
3. Assign a speed-dial for your realtor's number, loan broker's number, and escrow contact's number--call them frequently
4. Avoid using a co-signer
5. Avoid a bank-owned property if you can
6. Fix EVERYTHING (even a toilet chain) in the house you're buying asap (even a toilet chain can hold up your loan)
7. Be sure to give escrow ALL your insurance info on the new house
8. Don't pack until your loan documents have been ordered
9. Turn in EVERYTHING on time and a little before (so if you have to get an escrow extension or two, it won't be your fault and you won't have to pay a penalty.)
10. And lastly but most importantly, nag, nag, NAG until you get what you need

Based on my experience, I would advise against going into escrow unless you're willing to be assertive, organized, and patient. If you are still intent on buying a house, then I wish you the best and shall pray for you that your process is a smoother one than mine.

And now I may close the door on this unique and grisly chapter of my life, known as escrow.

It is finished!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gruesome... and yet you live... and endured and overcame! Well done. Enjoy your lovely new home.
You earned it. Love, "Papa"

8:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think your new home is beautiful and hope you spend many happy years there.
Love Mum


3:36 PM  

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