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Thursday, October 23, 2008


I feel like TAXES is the theme of my life right now. This may be shocking to you since indeed the deadline for paying taxes is way past, and we still have a few months until we have to pay them again. But there are other forms of taxes in my life at present. Mainly my brain has been over-taxed--it's been so preoccupied with organization, planning, and learning new things that I have hadn't anything left for leisure.

Work: I've realized that while my job is stress-free and way fun, it is very mentally exhausting. I have to constantly keep track of what grade I'm teaching each hour, what lesson they're learning, and what supplies I need for that lesson. Now remember Fauf is uber-organized: I have lists and lists, but it still takes alot of mental capacity to keep it all straight.

New Job: I'm taking on a new part time job with the independent studies program with Orcutt district. It won't be alot of work, but initially it is b/c I'm learning how to do it. Again it takes lots of organization and mental work. I also have to meet four times a week with different students and try to cram them into my full schedule. I need a bigger day planner!

Loans: While nothing definite is decided with officially pursuing buying a house, I am learning all the loan and home-buying jibberish: mortgage insurance, property tax, house insurance, points, interest rates, 30-year fixes. And lets not forget the random information I have to give: address of your landlord, husband's social security number, old job's address...WHAT?! Who remembers all that?

So indeed I am over taxed (I must be an American), and while Bush's next tax rebate gift will be a Godsend (if we get it), it won't help with lowering the taxes on my brain!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Taxes-Yes,one kind or another are always with us.... "Well, then,pay to the Emperor what belongs to the Emperor, and pay to God belongs to God."
Matthew 22.21 (And always remember to set aside a little for yourself and those you love.)

8:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a great surprise birthday party! Thank you for all your hard work... it must have been very TAXING... but all who attended had a super time! Love, Mr. and Mrs. Shaw

4:09 PM  

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