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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Take a Gander

So has anyone a native to Santa Maria been to the new SM Library???? It is worth your time. You will walk through those double-doors and suddenly forget that you are in little ol' Santa Maria. Instead you'll think you're back in your college years, walking the halls of some prestigious university library. (even if you never attended a great university, you'll get the feeling of it). So let me just tell you a bit about this grand new structure where reading is bred.

A gift shop: you can buy a good book or even a good sheet of paper, which costs only 3 cents per sheet!

Cafe: you can order a cup of java or a bite of muffin, although I'm a little confused as to where to enjoy it b/c I don't think food and drink are allowed around the books...

Children's Section: there is a life-size fake tree that welcomes you, along with a mural that pictures children of all races reading books of all various sizes and stories.

Sitting: the whole library is dotted with collegial tables and broad chairs and mod lamps. Really the whole interior design is very chic meets university.

Location: it's right next door to the old library, so you don't have to get used to a new location, driving time, etc.

So what are you waiting for? Find your library card buried in the dark recesses of your wallet and zip on over to the new monumental library and for goodness' sake, READ!

PS I apologize for the little teacher-esque speech about reading, but I honestly can't help it. Even though I'm not in the classroom yet, I can't ignore my essence--I can smell construction paper and sharpened pencils and sweaty children in the air! The School Year has begun! So READ!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

thanks for the info-will dust off our library cards and head downtown to check it out! an artificial tree huh?

3:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

my nephew is on that mural!(I've never seen it...but he's one of the toddlers :o)


6:51 PM  

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