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Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Where would I be without that mermaid? Recently I've been frequenting the Bucks more than I thought, and it was made evident to me when I got another free drink coupon in the mail the other day....when I had just gotten one last month! See, I have a goldcard which I put money on (a big portion of my monthly allowance), and everytime I use it to buy a drink, I get a point. After 15 points, I get a free drink. So I've gotten well over 15 drinks in the last month, which is more for me than usual. Normally it takes me a couple months to earn a free drink. The reasons?
1. Special drinks. Pretty much from fall until after Christmas I'm at the Bucks a lot because of their special holiday drinks. Though now they're done with those, so not sure this reason works anymore!
2. I've been hanging out with my friend Becky a lot and we both have a weakness for the Bucks, so if one of us suggests an iced coffee, the other is quick to agree!
3. Though Westly is sleeping better at night and I don't need a nap everyday, he is up longer periods of the day and is much more active and demanding. I gotta keep up my energy!
4. I pretty much only go online when I go to Starbucks, and good etiquette says you buy something if you're gonna use their free wi-fi!
5. I go through trends, and right now I'm in my coffee/chocolate cravings. I'm sure it will subside...hopefully!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Go for it! Westly's Mom needs energy.

10:52 AM  

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