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Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Resolution for 2012

I'm not a huge resolution-maker. I always have the same type of goals for each year: draw closer to the Lord, love my husband even more, eat healthier, etc. But I also try to come up with one new resolution to meet for the year, usually something fun.

A few years ago I made the resolution to read at least one book a month. The next year, I made the resolution to make healthier eating choices, so we switched to free-range meats, shopped at Trader Joe's, and cut out soda and chips, etc. Last year, I made the resolution to be less-opinionated about people. So far, these resolutions have become habits in our life-style.

This year my resolution is to be more creative and artistic. I plan to have a project each month, and create something I can use or bless others with.

So for January, I'm going to make my own thank-you and hello notes to send to people. Every month I send my mom and grandmas pictures of Westly, so I'll make some cards to go with them.

There we go! Happy 2012!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great ideas... It inspires me to get going on my own!
Dad Shaw

9:17 PM  

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