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Sunday, February 05, 2012


Today our Pastor Benji (cool name, right? Well, he's a cool guy) talked about taking risks for God, living a life outside the middle-class status quo and obsession of wanting safety and security.
He read a quote that basically challenged the church to be more adventurous, creative, and risky for the gospel.
Benji challenged us to live this way, on a large and small scale. He challenged us to ask a stranger if they go to church, and if not to invite them to ours. He challenged us to update our Facebook status with something like "I love Jesus with all my heart".
To say the least, his sermon galvanized me to be braver for Jesus.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Will you add some Biblical references or mystery into
Sherlock Academy? It could add a whole new dimension... See you Tuesday. RCS


2:30 PM  
Blogger Susie (Shaw) Fitler said...

i think i would change one word. braver for jesus to braver "with" jesus. i think it's subtle but important.

jesus is brave and he is teaching us to be brave. as we step out (risk, discomfort), he steps in (union, abiding presence), and a new way is birthed in us. an ability, that wasn't there before from a new life growing in us... little by little, faith step by faith step as he makes us into His likeness.

let's encourage each other to risk more with Jesus. ( :

11:14 PM  

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