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Saturday, September 03, 2011

The Big Five

Little Westly is growing up so fast! August was quite an eventful month for the little mini-doodle. He's taught his Mama that there is no holding him back, no matter how ambitious he may be. He cut his first tooth, and he's already trying to sit up on his own! He continues to bring everyone joy!

He got to hang out with his cousin Mina for a few days when they came to stay with us.

Mallory and I enjoyed watching our babies play and sharing parenting joys and woes!

Westly met his great-great Aunt Gina and Uncle Lou when they stopped by...he charmed them both, of course!

He spent a few hours with his Auntie Courts before she headed back to China

He finally has come to enjoy his stroller. We walk to the park everyday...he loves to be outside!

He got his first shot ever. He was so brave, he didn't even cry...though Mama did!

He looks forward to Daddy coming home each afternoon and spending time with him.

He finally got on a great napping schedule this month, which has been great for him and Mama!

He is just as cute as can be! He melts Mama's heart everyday!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

He's such a loving, smiling little guy... congratulations.
Have a restful and fun Labor Day. Love, RCS

3:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy 5th, Westly!

12:40 PM  
Blogger KYLE AND LISA said...

such a cute update! SO glad he is on a nap routine now, that is awesome! ;-)

9:38 PM  

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