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Thursday, August 18, 2011

The End of Summer Vacation

I know it's still technically summer, and I am not starting work anytime soon (I have a new job :) But summer vacation is over because Daddy went back to work. I shouldn't complain at all, after all I am SO blessed to have a husband who gets summers off. But I can't help confessing I always get bummed when he goes back to work and it always takes me a good week or so to adjust to his being gone. Especially this summer I really appreciated him home to help with the Mini Doodle. I felt like I got a little vacation too.

But enough moping. Westly and I have busy establishing a routine to our lives while Daddy's busy working to take care of us and let me stay home (I am so privileged).

Here's how Westly's and my days are going:
8-8:30am: we wake up (well, he wakes up first usually and lets me know he's ready to start the day) We cuddle in bed a little.

9-9:30am: we go for a walk. He enjoys his stroller now. He chews on his toys and watches the scenery go by as I get my exercise and prayer time in.

10-11am: he takes his morning nap so I can shower and do my quiet time.

When he gets up from his nap, we do all kinds of things. He plays on his mat and practices rolling around. Or we read books. Or we go meet with friends, or do errands. He usually gets in an afternoon nap and wakes up in time to greet Daddy at the door.

I think I'm gonna like this whole stay-at-home Mom-thing! :)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You're a great mom and a wonderfully talented and supportive partner for Michael. We love you. See you soon over the weekend. P.S. Can I take Westly for a walk when you're here on Saturday? He could view some new surroundings and I'd love it too. Dad Shaw

2:34 PM  
Blogger Michael said...

I miss being home with you two! Especially you!

2:59 PM  

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