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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Fauf's Favorite Things

Oprah's not the only one who can have favorite things. Here are few of mine of late...

SLEEP! When I can get precious it is. Prayers for Westly to sleep longer stretches through the night are greatly appreciated!

Baby K'tan! Westly loves being carried in this because he gets to stay close to me and he feels like he's still in the womb. Now that I know he likes this, I am able to venture out into the world!

Jamba Juice! I've had to cut down coffee because it doesn't agree with Westly via my milk. So I've taken up smoothies, which is probably healthier for me anyways!

Gilmore Girls TV Show! We started with Season 1 right before Westly came. We watched a ton when he was first here and we were recuperating. We are now on the last season!


Blogger Veralynn said...

Parker and I are on a steady Gilmore Girls run as well!

Keeping my fingers crossed for great nights of sleep for all the Shaws. :)

6:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sleep well and sleep long, sweet prince... Your lovely mom will be very pleased. A prayer for Westly. RCS

5:25 PM  

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