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Thursday, March 28, 2013

March Craft(s)

March turned out to be busier than I thought so I didn't get to the crafts I wanted to. But West and I managed to do some fun Easter crafts.

I made an Easter egg garland with paint swatches. I collected a bunch from Home Depot and cut out egg shapes from them.

Then I punched holes in each one and strung them on a ribbon.

A splash of color for the mantel.

West made an Easter egg mosaic with strips of paper

He also painted a paper egg


Blogger Susie (Shaw) Fitler said...

Go West! Crafter!

10:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice! I love that painted egg. RCS

12:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well done Farah and Westly. I love your Easter art!
Mum (Nana)

12:35 PM  

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