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Friday, February 15, 2013

A Shaw Valentine

We spent a cozy relaxing Valentine's Day at home together, just our little family of three.

We had an elegant dinner at home

West and I surprised Daddy with hot chocolate and pink rice krispy treats when he got home from work

There were lots of Valentines shared. These are from Daddy to Mama and accompanied a new set of PJs

Mama made Daddy Valentine scratchers. Each heart revealed a special treat.

West gave Daddy his home-made Valentine and a Little Ceasar's gift card.

Mama gave Daddy a 'Love Notes' memo board she made from a picture frame and scrapbook paper. Now we can write little reminders and love notes to each other on the glass with dry erase markers!

And we kept our tradition of five years now and ate our heart-shaped pizza from Papa Murphy's!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a great set of Valentine gifts. You guys go all out... amazing. Best wishes for a fun-filled weekend.
Love, RCS

1:32 PM  

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