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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Daddy Blues

Well, West and I made it through our first week with Daddy back to work. It wasn't too bad, besides his sleeping being way off (which wasn't too surprising since we were going through a new transition). But Westly definitely missed Daddy. He kept looking for him all over the house and pointed at the back door. When I asked, "Do you want Daddy?" he nodded very emphatically and it nearly broke my heart. I told Michael that West is more needy for him than I am this year, and I think that's because Westly is better company to me now that he's older. I don't feel alone with a baby like I did last year. But on the flip side, Westly grew very attached to Michael over the summer so is missing him more now. What are ya gonna do?

So now we embark on week 2, which will be crazier than last week because Michael starts his Hancock classes. But my mom is coming to visit, which will be great. And we'll find lots of things to keep us busy until Daddy comes home to us each afternoon. We are so thankful for how hard he works for our little family!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the visit from Courtney and the loving attention I got from you both and Westly. I expect Westly will adjust when he realizes Daddy does come back even though he is away a long time each day.
Love from,

3:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well said... Hang in there and enjoy each day and night together. The weekend is on its
way! RCS

1:28 PM  

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